This Video Answers the Question ‘What if Kenworth and Airstream Made an RV?’

Custom-Built Motorhome Includes an Engine with More Than 1000-Horsepower

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of TheBostonTrucker YouTube Channel

What do you get when you combine a Kenworth truck and an Airstream travel trailer? According to the video above, the answer is a custom-built motorhome with 110 square feet of living space and an engine that produces over 1,000 horsepower. It also happens to look incredibly unique too.

The clip shares the story of a trucker named Charlie Nichols, who purchased a used Kenworth truck just before retiring. The vehicle hadn’t run in over 12 years, but he managed to get it home and had it up and running again in less than an hour. The flatbed truck required a bit of extra care and attention before it was roadworthy, but it wasn’t long before Charlie had a fully-functional big rig.

A few weeks later, the now-retired trucker spotted an Airstream on Craigslist that was about to become available as part of an estate sale. He went ahead and bought it as well and then went to work combining his two new purchases. The result is a one-of-a-kind RV that might look a little odd but has plenty of power and functionality.

When combining the two vehicles, Charlie created a pass-through between the truck and the Airstream, making it easier to move back and forth between the cab and the living space. He also added additional storage using modified fuel tanks from other trucks and added a diesel generator to provide power.

While the video provides only a brief glance inside the camper, it features all of the amenities that you would expect—including a dinette and kitchen complete with microwave oven and refrigerator. The bathroom and bedroom can be spotted further back in the cabin, with plenty of storage throughout the trailer as well.

Charlie says the Kenworth engine provides plenty of power to roll down the highway, and he has no problems keeping up with traffic. For its maiden cruise, he took the Kenworth Airstream on a trip to Florida, even though it wasn’t equipped with a speedometer, tachometer, or fuel gauge. Since then, he has continued modifying the vehicle, giving it a custom dashboard and filling in a few other parts that have improved ride quality and day-to-day living.

Check out the video above to get the full story, as this is one impressive home-built RV.

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