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  5. 10 Amazing Airstream Renovation Companies

10 Amazing Airstream Renovation Companies

These Designers are Ready to Give Your Aging Travel Trailer a Modern Makeover

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Reparadise

The legendary Airstream camping trailer has been in production in some form or another since the 1930s. The aluminum travel trailer’s classic exterior design—inspired by aircraft of the era—has a timeless quality about it that makes it somehow both retro and modern at the same time. This helps to make its sleek, aerodynamic body instantly identifiable both on the road and at the campsite.

The interior of the Airstream hasn’t always fared quite so well in terms of maintaining that same timeless feeling. While the floor plans and layout have always done a great job of utilizing the available space, the materials and colors used in construction often become dated over time. As a result, a vintage Airstream trailer can feel quaint and comfortable, while still being out of step with modern sensibilities.

Although the exterior of an Airstream is built to last for decades, even the most well-maintained camper can use a bit of updating and refreshing from time to time. Thankfully, there are some talented and innovative designers who specialize in that vary thing, taking something a little worn around the edges and turning it into a modern masterpiece.

If you happen to own one of these iconic travel trailers and it’s in need of an interior overhaul—or you simply just want to explore new possibilities—here are 10 amazing renovation companies that are redefining what it means to camp in an Airstream.

Airstream renovation companies

Photo Credit: Mountain Modern Airstream

Mountain Modern Airstream

Like many Airstream renovation companies, Mountain Modern Airstream began as a labor of love. When Anna Jacobs and Damian Schmitt bought their own travel trailer in 2015, they went to work crafting it into their dream home on wheels. During that process, they learned that they had a knack for the meticulous and creative work. As a result, a new business was formed.

Taking a less-is-more approach, Mountain Modern Airstream interiors are often simple and elegant affairs. The company incorporates classic wood cabinets, white paint, and PVC cleverly disguised as tiling. Updated electrical systems, energy efficient appliances, and more spacious ceilings are all part of the buildout, creating a more comfortable and unique living space.

Airstream Renovation Companies

Photo Credit: Nüabode


Nüabode is another company that got its start when founders Sheena and Jason Armstrong renovated their own personal Airstream, which they lovingly named Mavis. Since then, the business has become a family affair, with Sheena’s dad Mark joining a growing team of designers, crafters, and engineers.

The interior of a revamped Nüabode Airstream is spacious, open, and modern. By utilizing the existing floor plan the company saves customers both money and time, while still providing a stunning makeover. Using bright colors, wood accents, and high-quality textiles, the rebuilt travel trailer feels much more like home. Furnishings feel like they belong in a house rather than an RV, which helps enhance this “rolling home,” feeling further.

airstream renovation companies

Photo Credit: Innovative Spaces

Innovative Spaces

Specializing in both commercial and personal Airstream renovations, Innovative Spaces takes years of construction and design experience and applies it to the trade. The company has helped create not just unique living environments for travelers, but eye-catching mobile retail outlets, stylish marketing trailers, and pop-up restaurants too.

One of the signature design elements found on an Innovative Spaces renovation project is a large gull-wing door that opens to the exterior. These are especially popular with the company’s commercial customers, but are used to create a more expansive indoor-outdoor feel to personal Airstreams too. Other nice touches include the use of reclaimed materials—like wood and fabric— as part of the buildout, and bright natural colors designed to evoke a serene outdoor setting.

airstream renovation companies

Photo Credit: Airdream


From its retro-chic design studio in Atlanta, GA, Airdream has been repairing and renovating vintage Airstreams for years. The company’s signature style removes much of the older, outdated furnishings and replaces them with modern options that utilize the existing space in a more efficient manner. This allows for the addition of more windows and skylights, bringing more natural light into the interior.

The full-service operation includes metal fabrication and welding services, as well as repairs on water leaks, gas systems, and even loose rivets on the Airstream’s body. Airdream even provides nationwide delivery options to get your newly-renovated camper shipped directly to you.

airstream renovation companies

Photo Credit: Silverglide


Silverglide owner Mike McFadden spent decades creating custom wood interiors for yachts. Over that time, he perfected the skills required to utilize small interior spaces to the fullest, becoming a master craftsman and designer along the way. He now applies all of that skill and knowledge to renovating Airstream travel trailers and other vintage campers.

Custom built woodwork is the hallmark of a Silverglide renovation project. The company uses lavish materials to create a living space that is both luxurious and welcoming at the same time. Unsparingly, the interior of these updated Airstreams resemble those found on a yacht, redefining our perceptions of comfort and convenience in a contained space.

airstream renovation companies

Photo Credit: Hudson Valley Airstream

Hudson Valley Airstream

If you’re looking to maintain the vintage feel of your travel trailer while still upgrading to a more modern design, Hudson Valley Airstream can help. Like so many others, owners Ed Potokar and Amy Rosenfeld got their start by first renovating a camper as a fun side project. When that trailer found an unexpected buyer, they realized they were on to something.

Since then, the couple has garnered a reputation for meticulous detail, including welding custom cut shower curtain rods and creating intricate handmade cabinets. They have even been known to outfit a trailer with furnishings—such as bedding and glassware—specifically selected to accent the interior decor. The result is a seamless living space that flows naturally together.

airstream renovation companies

Photo Credit: Reparadise


When you need a full Airstream restoration—inside and out—Reparadise is here to help. The company is capable of not only giving the interior space a complete overhaul, but also restoring the exterior to a just-off-the-assembly-line state. That includes fixing dents and polishing oxidized panels to their former mirror-like sheen.

Inside, the team at Reparadise uses nothing but top-notch materials to build a custom designed cabin to meet the client’s specific needs. That includes walnut hardwood cabinets, hand selected accent pieces, and lighting fixtures that enhance the interior ambiance. Large sleeping spaces, cozy and efficient kitchens, and hidden storage cubbies seamlessly work together to make the most out of the available space, delivering a throughly modern home on wheels.

airstream renovation companies

Photo Credit: Pioneer Vintage Trailers

Pioneer Vintage Trailer

Another company that specializes in commercial and personal Airstream renovation projects, Pioneer Vintage Trailer is a one-stop shop when it comes to overhauling a travel trailer. From replacing damaged axles and restoring vintage hubcaps to adding solar panels, exterior awnings, and modern HVAC systems, Pioneer can pretty much do it all.

The most dramatic transformations take place inside the Airstream of course. Notable upgrades include custom cabinetry, new appliances, and replacing aging carpet with stylish and durable vinyl flooring. Add in butcher-block countertops and new sinks—complete with a cover that doubles as a cutting board—and you begin to scratch the surface of what is possible. If you can dream it, chances are Pioneer Vintage Trailer can build it for you.

airstream renovation companies

Photo Credit: Silver Bullet Trailer

Silver Bullet Trailer

Based out of Vancouver, WA, Silver Bullet Trailer has been renovating Airstreams since 2014. Building beautiful, custom configurations for both private individuals and commercial clients, the company has created rolling works of art that truly standout from the crowd. That includes restoring the exterior of the trailers to their former shiny glory and installing new axles.

Specializing in both partial and complete interior renovations, Silver Bullet works closely with clients to create a travel trailer that meets their needs. That includes installing custom-designed furniture, energy-efficient appliances, and high-tech components including touchscreen control panels. Some of the company’s finest work can be seen in the closets, cabinets, drawers, and other storage spaces that it creates, finding ingenious ways to use every bit of space available.

airstream renovation companies

Photo Credit: The Modern Caravan

The Modern Caravan

The Modern Caravan founders Kate Oliver and Ellen Prasse spent four years traveling around the country, living out of a bus. While exploring life on the road, they learned how to make efficient use of the space they had inside their vehicle. That knowledge has proven invaluable in their business, which centers around renovating vintage caravans.

Bright, open, and airy best describe the interior of a Modern Caravan project. The travel trailers that undergo an update from Oliver and Prasse feature plenty of natural light, luminous paint colors, and sleek furnishings that make the Airstream feel bigger than it actually is. More of a tiny home than an RV, their work is nothing short of extraordinary. Its no wonder they’re booked solid with work for months to come.

These are just a sampling of some of the amazing Airstream renovators who are designing and building outstanding travel trailers today. There are plenty of other companies across the country who are offering similar redesigns with a style that is all their own. These talented teams are standing by to help you get the travel trailer of your dreams.

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