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Meet the All-Electric Pebble Flow Travel Trailer

This High-Tech Towable is a Marvel of Design and Engineering

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Pebble

From Winnebago’s eRV2 prototype to Grounded’s G1 and G2 camper vans, 2023 has been an exciting year for electric RVs. Now, we can add the Pebble Flow to that list, although it takes a different approach than those other models. The just-announced camper is actually an all-electric travel trailer with some high-tech features designed to enhance life at the campsite as well as at home.

Pebble Flow

Photo Credit: Pebble



Sleek and stylish, the Pebble Flow is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. This helps the travel trailer roll down the highway as efficiently as possible while looking like something out of a sci-fi movie. The camper also has a built-in electric drive system that uses dual motors to propel it along under its own power. This has the added advantage of extending the range of both gas-powered and electric tow vehicles and allows you to maneuver the trailer remotely using a smartphone app.

The Pebble Flow’s electric drive, lights, appliances, and HVAC systems are powered by a 45kWh battery pack. It also has a 1kW solar panel mounted on its roof that can replenish its electrical supply using energy from the sun. These components allow it to camp completely off the grid for up to seven days while keeping all of the onboard systems running. The RV can recharge using both AC and DC outlets, meaning it can replenish the batteries at an EV charging station, using shorepower at the campsite, or plugged into a standard outlet at home. And during a blackout, the batteries can serve as an emergency backup power source for your home.

Pebble Flow

Photo Credit: Pebble

Inside, the Pebble Flow looks and feels bright and airy. That’s due in large part to the 270º view afforded by the trailer’s large panoramic windows. This allows plenty of natural light into the interior, creating a warm, welcoming space. And when you need a little privacy, those same windows can shift from transparent to opaque on command.

The floorplan features a minimalist design with plenty of storage and a galley kitchen with a removable induction stove, a microwave, and a large refrigerator. A queen-size Murphy bed converts into a desk during the day, while the dinette automatically lowers to create a second sleeping space. The onboard wet bath is described as a “spa-like” experience, providing privacy and convenience.

Pebble Flow

Photo Credit: Pebble

Other features include a 37-gallon freshwater reservoir and a 50-gallon gray/blackwater holding tank. The trailer is equipped with automatic electric leveling jacks that automatically deploy those jacks—along with the awning and stairs—when the vehicle’s “InstaCamp” mode is activated. It even has a smart hitch system that automatically senses and connects to a tow vehicle taking all of the work out of the hitching process.

The video above provides viewers with an introduction to the Pebble Flow and gives us a sense of what it can do. This high-tech trailer will begin shipping to consumers in late 2024 with a starting price of $109,000. Ahead of its official launch next year, the company is taking preorders now.  For more information, visit the Pebble website.

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