Full-Time Freedom Week Gears Up for its 5th Annual Event

The largest virtual RV event in the country!

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If you’re looking for a good RV event to do this summer, then you have to check out Full-Time Freedom Week, the largest virtual RV event. This event is the fifth year Full-Time Freedom Week has happened and it’s the first time this event is going virtual.

There will be 25 educational and inspirational speakers and presentations at the event. Speakers include RV lifestyle pros, weekend warriors, and full-timers of all types.

“Full-Time Freedom Week was a fun little idea I had back in 2017 that I shared with my RV friends,” said Liz Wilcox, one of the four founding members. “Little did I know that I’d partner with three other ladies who loved to RV, and we’d start a virtual movement that would help thousands of people to turn their RV dreams into reality.”

The event manages to stand out in that it offers live, interactive and pre-recorded quality presentations from a variety of known and up-and-coming brands. It’s a unique opportunity for RVers and lovers of the lifestyle to come together to collaborate, listen, learn, and enjoy.

“The best part of Full-Time Freedom Week is that it’s free!” says Lindsay. “You sign up to attend and can binge watch each day if you want. It’s like watching your RV dreams unfold right in front of you. And if you want to own the collection, you have the option to upgrade to one of our affordable packages—a 30-day watch pass for just $27 or lifetime access for $97.”

The event is from September 20 to 24, and most of the events and presentations happen from September 21 to 23. If you would like to attend and take in all this amazing event has to offer, check out the website.

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