Warmbond BondStove Mini Review: A Firepit Small Enough to Go Anywhere

Lightweight, compact, and oh-so-cute, the BondStove Mini offers smokeless campfires wherever you wander.

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Smokeless firepits are a bit of a marvel of modern engineering. Most of these models use double-walled construction and secondary combustion techniques to keep the flames as hot as possible, burning the fuel so efficiently that it doesn’t produce much smoke. This makes gathering around the campfire much more enjoyable, providing warmth and mesmerizing flames without making our hair and clothing smell smokey for days at a time.

Unfortunately, most smokeless firepits are somewhat big and bulky, making them less than ideal to take with us on our camping adventures. But recently, we had the chance to test out the new BondStove Mini from Warmbond. This model is not only highly portable, it’s fun to use, too, delivering a smoke-free fire anywhere you want to take it.

Warmbond BondStove Mini

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Compact and Lightweight

While Warmbond’s original BondStove isn’t especially heavy at 23.3 lbs., the BondStove Mini takes portability to the next level. Tipping the scales at just 2.4 lbs. and measuring 6.6 x 6.3″ x 6.3″, the diminutive firepit is small enough to stuff into a backpack or just carry under your arm. That makes it easy to take with you just about anywhere you want to go, whether that’s from the front porch to the back deck or the campsite in your car or RV. It’s so small, in fact, that weekend backpackers may even be tempted to carry it with them into the backcountry.

RVers who own compact travel trailers or Class B camper vans will especially love the BondStove Mini. The firepit’s small size allows it to take up far less space than a more traditional model while still offering a smokeless experience. The unit will easily fit in most RV storage spaces, including cabinets, cargo bays, and nooks located under furniture.

The BondStove Mini’s small footprint has another added benefit—it’s very easy to keep clean. Unlike larger firepits, which can be awkward to move around and dump out ash, the Mini is a breeze to empty. Just pull out the removable ash pan, carry it to a trash bin, and dump everything inside. What little ash that does accumulate slides right out.

Warmbond BondStove Mini

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Fueling the Fire

One of our favorite things about the BondStove Mini is that it can use four different types of fuel. The firepit can burn wood, pellets, charcoal, or liquid fuel such as alcohol. That versatility is much appreciated, giving campers multiple options for starting their campfire and keeping it burning for as long as they like.

Once the fire is lit, the Mini lives up to its promise of a smokeless experience. While some smoke is still generated, it is very minimal and won’t leave your clothes and hair smelling bad the next day. In fact, even after using the firepit several nights in a row, we couldn’t detect a smokey odor at all. That’s impressive for a firepit designed to sit on top of a table.

Because it burns so efficiently, the BondStove Mini gives off a surprising amount of heat. While it can’t warm up a big, open space in the same way that a larger firepit can, it does create a cozy atmosphere enhanced by the ambiance provided by the glowing flames. That makes it perfect for a small group of people to gather around and enjoy.

Warmbond BondStove Mini

Photo Credit: Warmbond

A Mini BBQ

Aside from being a fun and relaxing tiny firepit, the BondStove Mini has a few additional tricks up its sleeve. For instance, Warmbond ships the unit with a grill rack, turning it into a portable multi-fuel stove for cooking on the go. Owners can make s’mores over an open flame or grill steaks using pellets or charcoal. And because it generates so much heat, it is surprisingly quick and efficient when preparing a meal.

The one downside of using the Mini as a grill is that it is a bit on the small side. The top of the firepit doesn’t offer enough space to prepare a full meal, although it is great at boiling water, cooking hot dogs, or melting marshmallows for the aforementioned s’mores. In other words, the little guy isn’t likely to replace a traditional grill, but you’ll likely be impressed at how well it holds its own in this category.

The BondStove Mini’s build quality is equally impressive. Made from rugged stainless steel and covered with a high-temperature ceramic coating, the firepit looks and feels like a premium product. The outer shell has the added bonus of making it easy to keep clean. Whenever it gets a little dirty, just apply a damp cloth to the exterior, and it will start looking as good as new in no time.

Warmbond BondStove Mini

Photo Credit: Warmbond

Affordable and Fun

There is a lot to like about the BondStove Mini. Its small size makes it easy to carry, store, and keep clean. It provides a hot flame without producing much smoke and can even be used as a miniature grill. But best of all, it is simply fun to use. Just load it up with fuel, start the fire, and sit back and enjoy.

The firepit is also very affordable. At $99.99 (discounted to $79.99 as of this writing), it delivers a smokeless campfire experience in a high-quality package. We’re impressed with the Mini’s overall build quality and design, which make it look and feel like a premium product at a very approachable price.

Want to add a Warmbond BondStove Mini to your RV? Visit the company’s website to learn more and to order one today.

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