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Wildsam Road Ready: April

Image Caption: Photo Credit: New Mexico Tourism Department

The Compass: A Guide to the Destinations and Experiences on Our Radar

New Mexico Tourism

Photo Credit: New Mexico Tourism Department

New Mexico – A Land of Enchantment

New Mexico is the place for endless adventures, recreational activities, art, history, and great cuisine. Bring your energy and enthusiasm. The deserts and mountains of the Land of Enchantment sprawl out before you. The only limits are your imagination and the number of hours in a day. newmexico.org


Photo Credit: Autocamp

AutoCamp – Elevate Your Adventure

Inspired design. Iconic Destinations. AutoCamp is where boutique hotel meets nature escape. From Zion to Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Russian River, Cape Cod, Catskills, and Asheville, AutoCamp locations are nestled alongside the most beautiful escapes around the country, so you can get outdoors and get all the comforts of high-end hospitality. Elevate your adventure with AutoCamp. autocamp.com

Road Ready: Trusted Manufacturers and Makers for the Road Ahead

ultra-fab jacks

Photo Credit: Ultra-Fab

Ultra-Fab Products

Level and stabilize your trailer or fifth wheel with ease with Ultra-Fab’s easy-to-install scissor jacks. This technology operates twice as fast thanks to two screw nuts and offers easier turning because the screw rod has the tightest threads available. With universal fit and a strong worm gear jacking mechanism that won’t slip, the 6,500 lb. capacity provided by its all-steel construction is perfect for today’s larger RVs and will look good for years due to a durable automotive-grade powerdercoat finish. Over 40 square inches of footpad (4.5” x 9”) provides the most ground stability on the market and combats sinking, and the bowtie design adds to ground stability regardless of surface. Mounting hardware comes included as well as a crank handle included on two packs. They’re easy to store away discreetly when not in use, and the lifetime warranty should offer peace of mind. ultra-fab.com

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