Volta Power Systems Announced Its Low-Profile Inverter and Display for RVs

A Streamlined Experience from Volta Power Systems

Image Caption: Image from Volta Power Systems

Volta Power Systems released a new low-profile inverter and an all-in-one control display for RV use. Designed to help new RVers bring along all the comforts of home when they travel off-grid, this new inverter and display provide a new way to manage power usage.

The low-profile inverter is a 3,200-watt unit that supplies all the power an RVer can need for simultaneous use of an air conditioner, a refrigerator, and other 120-volt appliances commonly used in RVs.

Volta designed the unique display to show users all of their necessary metrics like how many hours of charge their system has based on current usage, the state of charge, current power flow, and the power pack’s temperature. This display also provides them access to system settings and the status of the charge or the inverter’s status.

Volta Power Systems Display

Image from Volta Power Systems

“One of the most common questions we got from Volta users was, ‘How can I configure my inverter settings more easily?’ We’ve spent a lot of time listening to end-users, and this update really is for them,” says Jack Johnson, founder and CTO of Volta Power Systems.

“The new inverter is still powerful enough to allow RVers to run their A/C all day or night, same as before. But the size reduction makes it far easier to integrate a Volta system into pre-existing RVs,” said Johnson.

In addition to the new inverter and display for RVers, the company also sells a DC-DC converter. This system supply 12-volt output from the 51-volt energy storage pack. The boon of this new converter is that it features a fanless design meaning it’s extremely quiet, and it has a 93+ efficiency rating, making it the most efficient converter Volta has ever made.

Learn more about all of these products at Volta Power System’s website.

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