Introducing the New TireMinder RV AIR Compressor

Save Time and Improve Your Fuel Economy

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A flat tire is bound to spoil your best-laid RV road trip plans, but under-inflated tires also need to be avoided. Fortunately, TireMinder’s new RV AIR compressor is portable, efficient, and easy to use.

Why Do RVers Carry Air Compressors?

If an RV is a home on wheels, then the tires are its foundation. Maintaining them properly is vital to arriving at your camping destinations safely. But keeping your tires filled to the recommended pressure can also save you time and money.

RVs with properly-filled tires enjoy improved fuel economy and reduced chances of winding up on the side of the road with a flat. Instead of waiting for a tow truck to fill or change a tire, you’ll be self-sufficient and avoid paying for RV maintenance services.

RV AIR Technical Specifications


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Let’s start with a brief summary of the RV AIR compressor’s basic performance metrics:

  • Airflow: 1.80 cubic feet per minute (CFM)
  • Runtime: Up to one hour
  • Noise Output: Less than 60 decibels
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Safety Features: Automatic overheating shut-off

How Fast Can It Fill?

Because RVs have varying tire sizes, the speed of the TireMinder RV AIR depends on your RV. But here’s a basic breakdown of how quickly this compressor fills the most common RV tire sizes:

  • Fills a 14” travel trailer tire up to 50 PSI in four minutes or less.
  • Fills a 16” 5th wheel tire up to 65 PSI in six minutes or less.
  • Fills a 22.5” Class A motorhome tire up to 100 PSI in 12 minutes or less.

Features of the TireMinder RV AIR Compressor

TireMinder’s RV AIR is specifically designed for RVs, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and other recreational vehicles. It’s a heavy-duty, 12-volt, 150 pounds per square inch (PSI) compressor that’s equipped with a digital tire gauge.

That gauge is accurate to +/-1 PSI so that you can easily and effectively fill each tire to its specified pressure. When you need to top off your tire pressure, you’ll be able to do that in a matter of minutes (or even seconds) and be on your way.

What Does the RV AIR Compressor Come With?


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In addition to the compressor itself, TireMinder includes a highly accurate digital inflator gauge, a high-quality heat dissipation hose, two 30-foot hybrid air hoses, an eight-foot power cable, and a high-quality carrying case that protects the compressor and its components when in storage.

The RV AIR is also backed by a three-year warranty from the top brand in tire pressure monitoring. So if you’re looking for a portable RV air compressor to help you take better care of your RV’s tires, learn more about the TireMinder RV AIR Compressor today.

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