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REDARC’s Next Generation Electric Trailer Brake Controller, the Tow-Pro Elite V3

Don’t Settle for an Inferior Trailer Brake Controller

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Trailer brake controllers are a must-have for towable RVs with electric or electric over hydraulic brakes, they’re often mandated by law for trailers that weigh more than 3,000 pounds. But you shouldn’t buy just any trailer brake controller. Like everything else in the world, some are better than others, and the REDARC Tow-Pro Elite V3 is a smart choice.

The Tow-Pro Elite V3 is designed for everyday use and all-terrain use for all adventures on and off-road. It’s ready for rain, snow, sleet, or sand. With the right level of control selected you get excellent performance on any terrain, in any weather, anywhere.

As the name suggests this is the third generation Tow-Pro Elite. The V3 controller retains the same name as its predecessor but takes things a step further, with changes to the size and shape of the remote head. This allows for a quicker and easier installation of the unit. REDARC also sells a range of switch inserts and wiring harnesses for an easy factory look install. The small size and shape of the remote head also ensure the system will fit in your vehicle (no knee-knocking), no matter what you tow your trailer with.

REDARC Tow-Pro Elite V3

Image from the manufacturer

The new installation requires only one small hole to be drilled into the dash. The remote head is also much improved, including better illumination, increased visibility, diffused light, and overall better clarity. REDARC also updated the software, which makes for smoother braking while on the road.

Like other Tow-Pro Elite systems before it, the V3 uses a proportional braking technology with a patented algorithm. This system is suitable for 12- and 24-volt vehicle electrical systems as well as electric and electric over hydraulic trailers.

REDARC Tow-Pro Elite V3

Image from the manufacturer

“We are always striving for ultimate satisfaction for our customers and end-users, whether it be through delivering new, cutting-edge products or updating and improving existing products,” said REDARC’s Managing Director, Anthony Kittle. “We are always listening to what our customers say and ultimately looking to exceed their expectations.”

The Tow-Pro Elite V3 comes with ongoing support, including a 2-year hassle-free warranty, technical support, and after-sales service for any questions you may have. The MSRP for this trailer brake controller is $208.16. You can find the Tow-Pro Elite V3 on REDARC’s website.

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