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Discover Battery Lithium Blue Buries its Lead-Acid Competition

It’s a Better Battery on All fronts

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It’s no secret that lithium-ion batteries are dominating the electric energy storage industry. These batteries replace typical AGM lead-acid batteries to which people have become so accustomed. Lithium does it better, and not all of these batteries are the same. Discover Battery has a new LITHIUM BLUE battery that stands out from the competition thanks to impressive metrics.

Unlike lead-acid batteries that suffer lost capacity and shorter lifetimes due to Partial-State-of-Charge (PSOC) operation, LITHIUM BLUE batteries are unaffected. Therefore, RV owners can charge LITHIUM BLUE batteries at any time without affecting the battery’s capacity or life, a definite advantage over lead-acid batteries. Additionally, a deep-cycle lead-acid battery should only discharge to 50% Depth-of-Discharge (DoD). However, LITHIUM BLUE batteries are dischargeable up to 100% DoD, which will provide up to two times the runtime, another clear advantage over lead-acid batteries.

While lithium batteries are more expensive than lead-acid batteries to purchase initially, they deliver a lower total ownership cost. It takes two lead-acid batteries to equal the usable capacity of one LITHIUM BLUE, which lasts the same life as up to ten sets of the same lead-acid batteries. RV owners double their initial cost to get the same usable capacity by using lead-acid batteries. Then repeat the purchase up to ten times over, replacing old batteries when they could have used just one top-quality LITHIUM BLUE battery. That is why LITHIUM BLUE is the best choice. It just makes better financial sense.

Discover Battery Lithium Blue

The 5-year replacement warranty and unique energy throughput performance guarantee are a great consumer value too. The LITHIUM BLUE battery performance guarantee covers the sum of energy charged and discharged as logged by the internal digital battery management system.

As if those weren’t big enough reasons to switch over to a LITHIUM BLUE battery, Discover Battery has engineered even more features into its lithium offering, including a much faster charge time than a comparable lead-acid battery. The LITHIUM BLUE battery is 50 percent more efficient and charges up to five times faster than a lead-acid competitor. That means it will take about one hour to charge, whereas a lead-acid battery could take as much as five hours.

And tracking state-of-charge couldn’t be easier. A free battery monitoring app for LITHIUM BLUE is available for iOS devices on the Apple App Store and Android devices on Google Play.

Last but certainly not least are the built-in suitcase handle and low weight of the battery. A similarly sized lead-acid battery will be about twice the weight of a LITHIUM BLUE battery. That 50 percent weight savings, plus carrying handle, are good news for everyone who has lugged lead-acid batteries around. On all fronts, the LITHIUM BLUE battery from Discover Battery beats out the competition easily. If you haven’t already thought about upgrading to a lithium battery, maybe it’s time you should.

LITHIUM BLUE will be available mid-June through Battery Systems, Continental Battery, and Northern Arizona Wind and Sun in the United States, and Canadian Energy in Canada. Go to Discover Battery to learn more.

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