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  7. Create Your Own Outdoor Movie Theater With Your RV
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  7. Create Your Own Outdoor Movie Theater With Your RV

Create Your Own Outdoor Movie Theater With Your RV

With just a few products and tools you can bring the magic of the big screen with you on your adventures of the great outdoors!

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A crisp, cold soda. Warm, buttery popcorn. Big-budget action scenes on the big screen. Movie night is something we all look forward to. And, while watching a new flick on the couch has its advantages, there’s something special about the theater atmosphere. However, the challenges of the past year have made movie nights difficult.

Depending on where you live, you still might have trouble getting into the theaters. Additionally, campers like yourselves are out and about exploring the wilderness often without reasonable access to a theater. So, when an actual movie theater is not available, turn instead to your RV. With just a few tools and accessories, you’ll have everything you need to create your own outdoor movie theater using your RV.

Outdoor Movie Theater RV

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The Big Screen

The main goal of movie night is to watch the show, right? Choosing the right screen for your viewing experience is no trivial decision. For the true big-screen experience, you’ll need to go the projector route with a dedicated outdoor movie screen.

Modern projectors aren’t those clunky things that you remember from your school days. Now, you can find plenty of portable options with Bluetooth that make streaming from your phone, tablet, or laptop a breeze. This is huge when it comes to portability.

Speaking of portability, a huge outdoor movie screen sounds like a challenge. Rest assured, however, that you can find massive inflatable options with built-in pumps that are remarkably light and compact. There are also collapsible screen options that are smaller and generally, more affordable.

If you’d prefer to keep things simpler and a massive screen is not a must-have, you can always go the usual TV route. Just be sure to choose one that’s not too big if you plan to be on the road.

The Sound

The rumble of the rocket ships, machine gun blasts, and alien roars are part of what makes the theater experience so much fun. When it comes to your sound system, you won’t want to compromise.

Although a full surround sound speaker set would be optimal, it’s simply not practical for your constantly mobile outdoor RV theater. Check out a variety of ready-to-connect Bluetooth options that can deliver a surprising depth of sound with impressive brass that will make even the most seasoned theater veterans raise their eyebrows.

One of the best options out there is the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom which offers stunning bass quality for a portable speaker. In addition to its incredible 24-hour battery life, the Hyperboom is also highly moisture-resistant, making it the perfect choice for your RV theater.

The Lights

The soft amber glow is a key part of the theater atmosphere. Recreating this can be a nice touch to your outdoor setup and it’s also a safe choice for when you and your guests need to be up and about. Hanging patio lights (like these solar-powered ones) outside your RV can provide that warm ambiance you’re looking for.

The Seats

More and more theaters have moved towards luxury seating with plenty of room, spacious cup holders, and sometimes, even reclining capability. Luckily, there are some fantastic options that are easily compatible with your mobile needs. This oversized and padded folding chair is a perfect choice to keep you comfortable during a movie marathon. It also features a large cup holder so, just like at the theater, you can opt for the big cup and not have to miss a single minute of the action while getting a refill.

The Snacks

Movie night isn’t movie night without some fresh, buttery popcorn. If you want the ultimate experience, you can go all out with a proper, old-fashioned popcorn machine. Of course, this will really only work if you are setting up your RV theater relatively close to home since these things aren’t exactly portable. For more mobility, check out this stovetop kit which allows you to pop your kernels anywhere you take your RV.

Creating an outdoor movie theater with your RV is a great way to expand the enjoyment of your rig, combining the modernity of technology with the unparalleled ambiance of the great outdoors. Whether you’re watching the family favorites in the local park or huddling around that new sci-fi thriller out in the woods, you’ll be sure to love your outdoor theater experience from the first scene to the rolling credits.

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