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  7. Camper Accessories for Inside Your RV or Trailer
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  7. Camper Accessories for Inside Your RV or Trailer

Camper Accessories for Inside Your RV or Trailer

Have an easier time on the road and in your rig with these RV-friendly products, gear, and accessories that will save space, time, and your sanity.

Image Caption: Image: Camping World

Life (or weekends) on the road in your RV comes with its own unique advantages and challenges. The freedom to be mobile and set up camp virtually anywhere is something special. One thing an RV is not, however, is spacious. Even the largest rigs on the road have limited real estate and this can greatly affect your day-to-day lifestyle.

You simply don’t have room for that coffee maker or your favorite shampoo bottles. Fortunately, brilliant minds have come up with some fantastic camper accessories that afford RVers the convenience and capabilities of modern living, but without the costly footprint. Here are 10 great space-saving accessories which are sure to add significant functional value to your space.

For the Kitchen

Stove Topper

Camper Accessories

Image: Camping World

So simple, yet incredibly useful and effective, a good stove topper will quickly become your new favorite kitchen gadget and one of your top camper accessories. This rectangular piece of magic can be whipped out in an instant and placed on your stovetop for extra counter space when you’re whipping up a tasty supper. Even better, many toppers also double as high-quality cutting boards that won’t dull your knives.

Finally, do you hate it when your stove rattles away while your RV is on the move? When in place, your lovely stove topper will also do an incredible job keeping your cooktop’s chatter to a minimum.

Pop-a-Plate Dispenser

Paper Plate Dispenser

Image: Camping World

Paper plates are loved by the RV crowd for their versatility and convenience. Lightweight, no cleanup, and quite affordable. Storage can be an issue, however, since your average camping trip will go through quite a few of them.

Well, it’s time for that empty space underneath your cabinets to start pulling its weight. Install this handy little paper plate dispenser and you’ll open up some valuable cabinet space and have your next place within easy reach at all times.

Kalorik Water Kettle

Electric Water Kettle

Image: Camping World

Making a cup of tea? A pour-over coffee? Waiting for the water to boil on the stove is a pain. If the kitchen is busy, you also don’t want to crowd the stove.

Enter the Kalorik Water Kettle. This electric kettle gets up to temperature way faster than the stove and you can use it anywhere with an available outlet (avoiding the ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ scenario). The soft backlight is also a nice touch for the early morning or late evening hours.

For the Bathroom

Shower Dispenser

Camper Accessories - Shower Dispenser

Image: Camping World

Soap bottles in the shower are a nightmare for the RV. The full-size ones take up way too much room and the mini travel-size ones are too easy to drop. Not to mention that you’ve got to use valuable storage space for them when they’re not in use.

To rid yourself of the bottle debacle, get yourself one of these shower dispensers. Holding up to three different products (I’m thinking body wash, shampoo, and conditioner), the dispenser conveniently mounts onto the wall of your shower with powerful waterproof adhesive. No more fumbling for bottles. No more storing them, either. Camper accessories don’t get better than that.

Toilet Paper Stand

It never hurts to have extra toilet paper within arm’s reach. Nobody wants to find that empty roll and have to make that awkward callout, “um… hello?” Toilet paper is bulky though, and storing it for easy access might seem tricky.

With this vertical stand, however, you can neatly store three extra rolls and have one ready to go on the dispenser. Its small footprint is perfect for an RV bathroom and the sleek wood finish is a nice touch as well.

For the Bedroom

Hanging Hamper

If you’re anything like me, the dirty clothes don’t always find their way to the hamper in a timely manner. While you may be able to get away with this at home for a bit, it just won’t fly in the compact size of your RV.

To keep your floors clear and everyone happy, check out this hanging hamper. Utilizing the space within your closet, those dirty clothes will stay out of sight. The hamper is also made of mesh material to allow for ample venting before you do your next load.

For the Living Area

Wi-Fi Booster

Most RV parks and campgrounds now tout the fact that they have Wi-Fi. That’s great for the needs of the modern camper, however, I’m sure many of you can attest that this signal is not always dependable. Rather than relying on the uncertain technology infrastructure of the RV park, take matters into your own hands with a Wi-Fi signal booster.

This powerful booster from Wi-Fi on Steroids strengthens and expands the local signal up to 500 meters! Not much larger than an electrical outlet, this incredible little gadget will produce massive results for your family’s internet needs.



Image: Camping World

Whether you enjoy visiting arid desert climates or winter trips in the RV, the dry air is sure to get to you at some point. A scratchy throat and unhappy nose can affect your sleep and comfort, impacting your ability to enjoy your trip.

This small humidifier from Crane is an excellent option for your RV. Weighing less than three pounds, this electric humidifier will provide cool mist moisture to your living space for up to 15 hours on just half a gallon of water. Its included auto shut-off feature is also great peace of mind for you and your camping crew that’s always coming and going.

Final Thoughts

There’s no need for the small living space of your RV to compromise your lifestyle. Camper accessories like the ones above are perfect additions to your RV space to provide you with all of the comfort of your primary home. If you’re wondering where to start, focus on adding accessories to your busiest areas, first.

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