Lippert Launches New Augmented Reality Tool to Help Customers Build the Perfect Awning

The Company’s 3D Awning Builder is a High-Tech way to Spruce Up Your RV

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Lippert

If you’ve been searching for the perfect awning to add to your RV, Lippert has a new tool that can help. The RV components manufacturer has launched a high-tech website called the 3D Awning Builder, which uses augmented reality to bolster the experience. This allows customers to configure an awning to meet their exact specifications and see how the design changes in real-time.

Lippert 3D Awning Builder

Photo Credit: Lippert

Lippert’s new tool allows RV owners to create a custom-designed and built awning to pair with their rig. Customers start by choosing the type of RV they own, with 3D models available for travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes. From there, they can decide if they want an awning that is powered or manually operated and select the width and projection of the shade. Finally, they can choose from nine different colors, with their choices displayed onscreen in a simulated 3D environment that can be rotated and zoomed as needed.

As part of the configuration process, customers can also choose the size, style, and color of the awning’s arms and hardware, as well as a power source, if applicable. Powered models have the option to add LED lighting, as well as roller cradle support and universal ground support. Those features are explained in detail on the website and are added to the design as it is displayed on screen.

Throughout the build process, the 3D Awning Tool lists the current price as configured and provides an estimate of the shipping time for the finished product. It also offers the option to switch the view from daytime to night, which shows how adding optional lighting will illuminate the scene.

Lippert 3D Awning Builder

Photo Credit: Lippert

“This new awning configurator is a great example of Lippert’s dedication to an improved customer experience,” said Jarod Lippert, VP of Marketing and Public Relations, in a press release. “Having this tool in our arsenal means we can enhance the awning shopping experience for all users, giving them a visual representation and confidence in the product they’re about to buy.”

The 3D Awning Builder is available now. Visit the Lippert website to take it for a test run.

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