Camp Off-Grid with This Power-Generating Solar Awning

Xponent Power wants to give your RV a 1200-Watt boost of energy.

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Xponent Power

RV owners looking to add solar panels to their vehicles will soon have an efficient and unique new way to do just that. A startup called Xponent Power has announced a retractable awning that includes flexible solar panels integrated directly into the design, giving campers a convenient place to seek shade and generate power at the same time.

The Xpanse solar awning is reportedly compatible with most RVs, both in terms of physical installation and connecting to existing electrical systems. Xponent says that the awning can mount on either side of a vehicle, allowing it to still work with Rvs that already have an awning in place. The unit is even fully compatible with existing roof-mounted solar panels, giving the two systems the ability to work in tandem when generating power.

Once installed, the awning can be automatically deployed at the push of a button, revealing a traditional-looking awning with solar panels on top. On a bright, sunny day, with an unobstructed view of the sky, the Xpanse can generate as much as 1200 watts of power, which is enough to keep onboard appliances running even when traveling off the grid. Installation is handled by techs who have been trained by Xponent and includes charge controllers, batteries, and inverters.

Xponent Power solar awning

Photo Credit: Xponent Power

In a press release announcing the Xpanse solar awning, company founder Rohini Raghunathan said,  “Our research indicates that RV owners overwhelmingly want to go boondocking more often but are fundamentally limited by access to power. With the Xpanse Solar Awning, we are enabling RV owners to generate substantial power on the go so that they can go off-grid more often.”

Raghunathan says that the Xpanse has been designed to survive the elements, including strong winds and rain. The awning has the ability to detect inclement weather and can even close itself in order to avoid potential damage.

“Traditional awnings that consist of a very large continuous piece of fabric experience huge wind uplift even at rather low wind speeds, very much like a sail,” Raghunathan says. “In contrast, the Xpanse solar awning has an innovative, patented design that creates small gaps between the solar panels when they are slightly retracted. These gaps allow wind to pass through, greatly reducing the wind uplift and making the awning intrinsically wind-tolerant. This means the awning can be kept open and produce power even at relatively high wind speeds.”

Xponent Power solar awning

Photo Credit: Xponent Power

The Xpanse solar awning will be available starting in the second half of 2022. The system is available for preorder now, with an expected price of $10,000. All orders placed before November 15, 2021 receive a $2500 discount and ITC credits may be available depending on your location, lowering the price even further.

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