Gerber ComplEAT Cook Set Review: Everything You Need for Your RV Kitchen

The 16-piece collection of cookware is well-made and thoughtfully designed.

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When it comes to outfitting the kitchen in an RV, most new owners are content to cobble together a few necessities for life on the road. Some will raid their own cupboards for spare—often unmatched—plates, pots, pans, and other items just so they have something to use while on the road. Others pick up odds and ends from garage sales and secondhand stores while telling themselves they’ll eventually upgrade to something better down the line. Most are content to make do with a mishmash of cookware that gets the job done but isn’t exactly the best tool.

Fortunately, Gerber is here to help. The outdoor gear company’s line of camp kitchen products are a blend of convenience and value, providing RVers and car campers with reliable options to take on their adventures. And because they are backed with a limited lifetime guarantee, you know you’re investing in high-quality cookware that you might even want to use at home.

Recently, we had the chance to check out Gerber’s new ComplEAT Cook Set, an all-in-one solution for outfitting any camp kitchen. This fantastic package comes with everything you need to feed a group of four, with a few additional surprises that chefs of all skill levels will love.

Gerber Compleat cook set

Photo Credit: Gerber

The Gerber ComplEAT Cook Set

When Gerber says its new cook set is complete—err, I mean “complEAT”—they aren’t kidding. The collection includes 16 individual pieces that can be used to cook just about anything and serve it up to hungry friends and family. Best of all, the kitchenware provides unmatched versatility and clever design elements that are sure to make it a hit with camp chefs.

The cook set includes a 2.6-quart sauté pan, a 5.6-quart stock pot, a blasting dome, and a slim lid that fits both. You’ll also get four BPA-free polypropylene bowls, plates, and a large mixing bowl. A detachable handle snaps into place on the pan while cooking, but is easily removed when packing it away in an RV cupboard or the included storage bag. Gerber even throws in a silicone hot pad to safely handle the pot, pan, and stainless steel lids while cooking.

As you would expect, the entire kit—save the removable handle—is dishwasher safe, including the sauté pan, stock pot, and lids. The plates and bowls can also be used in a microwave, which will surely please RVers with that appliance onboard their rig. The pot and pan are also compatible with induction, electric, and ceramic glass stoves and can be used over an open flame or in an oven. The same can’t be said for most competing products.

Gerber Compleat cook set

Photo Credit: Gerber

Little Details and Nice Touches

We’ve been going camping for enough years to know that plenty of companies offer cooking gear for use in and out of the RV. But Gerber’s attention to detail and precision manufacturing help set it apart from the competition. For example, all of the pieces that make up the ComplEAT Cook Set are designed to neatly nest together for easy storage. That not only makes it convenient to haul everything in the included carrying case, but it also saves room in the cupboards of our motorhomes and travel trailers. Camper van owners will especially appreciate this space-saving feature, giving them more room for other items.

But there are plenty of other nice touches to be found here as well. For instance, the bowls all include volumetric markings for measuring portion sizes or ingredients when cooking. They also come with oversized grips along the edges, making them easier to hold when filled with hot foods. Everything is super easy to clean, too, which is always appreciated after a great meal.

Additionally, the sauté pan and stock pot use a three-ply base construction process, which more evenly distributes heat and minimizes hot spots. The pan’s sidewalls are also extra tall to prevent spills, and the pot’s handles are coated with a heat-resistant silicon material that protects the chef’s hands at all times. The slim lid even has built-in strainer holes that make it easy to pour out hot water while safely containing the food inside.

Gerber Compleat cook set

Photo Credit: Gerber

The Last Cook Set You’ll Ever Need

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the ComplEAT Cook Set is just how well-made all the components are. Everything feels durable and substantial in hand, which shouldn’t be surprising considering Gerber’s reputation for making high-quality gear. The company’s knives and multitools are exceptionally well-designed and crafted, and that same workmanship applies to its kitchenware, too.

In fact, the cook set is so good that once you’ve used it, you’ll probably want to expand your collection. Gerber offers a standalone tableware set for those who want more plates and bowls, and the ComplEAT Griddle would be an excellent addition to any camp kitchen. And because everything is backed by the lifetime warranty we mentioned above, chances are this is the last set of cookware you’ll ever need to buy.

Priced at $200, the Gerber ComplEAT Cook Set feels like an absolute bargain. At that price, the kit delivers a lot of bang for the buck, offering high-quality kitchenware designed to last a lifetime without taking up much room in your rig. That makes it exceedingly easy to recommend to anyone looking to upgrade or add functionality to their RV kitchen.

To learn more, visit the Gerber website.

Gerber cutting board

Photo Credit: Gerber

Bonus: Gerber ComplEAT Cutting Board Review

While adding more place settings to the Cook Set may be a necessity, and the ComplEAT Griddle certainly is compelling, there is another item we recommend instead. If you’re ready to take your culinary skills to a new level, the ComplEAT Cutting Board is a must-have.

Like the Cook Set, the Cutting Board exemplifies Gerber’s commitment to delivering highly functional and versatile products to campers. This set includes a bamboo cutting board, a BPA-free polypropylene cutting board, a full-size chef’s knife, a pairing knife, and two large trays. Once again, everything nests neatly together with the two cutting boards serving as lids, while the smaller of the two trays fits neatly into the larger base tray. There is even custom storage to snuggly hold the knives in place, while rugged locks securely keep everything together when not in use.

Gerber is well known for making excellent knives, so it should come as no surprise that the included 6” chef’s knife and 3.25” paring knife are impressive. Both are made from 4116 German stainless steel and feature glass-filled polypropylene handles that feel comfortable in the hand. The blades are corrosion-resistant and hold an edge very well, making meal prep a quick and easy affair.

We love this product because it delivers so much functionality in a form factor that looks great and is easy to store. The cutting boards are durable and well-made and include subtle features like non-slip silicone grips and integrated juice grooves. The inner tray conveniently holds cooking and eating utensils, and when everything is nested together it stores neatly in a cupboard without taking up much space.

The ComplEAT Cutting Board sells for $110, which once again feels like a bargain. Many chefs would pay that price for the two knives alone, making the cutting boards and trays a significant bonus. Especially with how well the entire kit fits so neatly together, creating a seamless cooking tool that is both functional and portable.

To find out more about the ComplEAT Cutting Board, head over to

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