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Destinations, RV Living

Lush Landscapes & Steaming Lattes

  From bustling Seattle a short ferry ride gets you to the San Juans, where each island has its own charm and the pace is slower It’s a misty, gray…
Destinations, RV Living

Trail of the Ancients

  This National Scenic Byway in Utah and Colorado offers new mysteries of a vanished civilization at every turn In an age where scientists have been able to explain the…
Destinations, Top Stories

Outer Banks Scenic Byway in North Carolina

In an increasingly intrusive modern world full of thumping car stereos, inane reality TV stars and pesky telemarketers, I often find myself daydreaming of being stranded on the tranquil shores…
Destinations, Top Stories

Black Bear Scenic Byway

While piercing cries echoed from the surrounding swamp like a flashback from some black-and-white Tarzan movie, I dipped my paddle into the still, tea-colored waters of Alexander Springs Creek. Though the…

Glacial Hills Scenic Byway in Kansas

The brochure’s invitation to “travel through history along our river bluff road” was too tempting to ignore. Photos showed the two-lane Glacial Hills Scenic Byway crossing over a rise, and…

The Scenic Route: Civil War Battlefields

Over the thousands of miles we’ve traveled on the adventure we’re calling The Scenic Route, some of our favorite stops have been at Civil War battlefields, sites of both unimaginable…
Destinations, Top Stories

The Scenic Route: Pacific Coast Scenic Byway

Standing 500 feet above the crashing waves and rugged cliffs of the Oregon coast, I am struck by a somewhat counterintuitive notion. As inspiring as this panorama is, my family…

The Scenic Route: Minnesota’s Gunflint Trail

Even as I extol the virtues of taking The Scenic Route both here and on the pages of the magazine (see the feature story on the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway in…

Taking the Scenic Route

In his classic 1962 book Travels With Charley, John Steinbeck lamented that with the coming of the interstate highway system “… it will be possible to drive from New York…