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America’s Outback


Austin, Minnesota: Where SPAM Began

This is Minnesota and the town is Austin. But the name painted across the front of the Convention & Visitors Bureau is “SPAM Town USA,” as well it should be.…

Branson, Missouri: Not the Las Vegas of the East

People compare Branson, Mo., to Las Vegas or Las Vegas to Branson, depending on where they were last. I am not going to do that, although it’s tempting — the…

America’s Outback: Roanoke, Virginia’s Neon Skyline

The neon “H” on the “H&C Coffee” sign downtown is not working. I was told that the “H” is temperamental and that it happens quite often. Actually, the “&” is…

Highland Lakes: The Other Colorado River

The Colorado River created the Grand Canyon and keeps Arizona and much of Southern California from being a desert. We think of it as being the quintessential Colorado — unless…

Midwestern Magic: A Tale of Two Towns

Had Abe Lincoln and Mark Twain ever gotten together, over lunch maybe, they would have had much to talk about. Both had stories to tell of their days on the Mississippi…

Oysters and Seafood in Eastpoint, Florida

Highway 98 crosses Apalachicola Bay on a bridge that’s four miles long. The bridge is not that high — it gives enough clearance to accommodate shrimp boats — but Florida…

Northern Port: RVing around Lake Superior

“Lake Superior, which we share with Canada, is the largest freshwater lake in the world. It covers 31,700 square miles and contains half of the water held by all five…