Video: This Rare Vintage Bus is Actually a Spacious and Comfortable RV

Take a Tour of a Rare 1949 Flxible Bus That Looks Like a Vehicle Designed by Airstream

Image Caption: Photo Credit: The Fast Lane Classics via YouTube

In the early part of the 20th century, an Ohio-based company called Flxible (that’s the correct spelling, it’s pronounced “flexible”) manufactured motorcycles, ambulances, hearses, and buses. For more than 50 years, the business churned out a variety of motorized vehicles before eventually closing its doors in 1966. In the decades that followed, Flxible became a footnote in automotive history, with few people remembering its unique creations.

Thankfully, not everyone has forgotten about the company. The video above introduces us to someone who not only owns a vintage 1949 Flxible Sightseer bus but has converted it into a beautiful RV. As you’ll see, the classic vehicle offers a lot of space for creating a well-designed interior filled with everything you would need for life on the road.

bus conversion to RV

Photo Credit: The Fast Lane Classics via YouTube

The video begins with an extensive tour of the bus’s exterior, which features a rounded shape that resembles something Airstream would have designed in the 1940s or 50s. The vehicle exhibits a classic look from that era, including oversized, rounded headlights, steel panels riveted onto the frame, and an eye-catching hood ornament like the ones favored by other manufacturers from that time period.

Inside, the bus looks nothing like it did in the 1940s. The owner has completely gutted the interior and built a unique floorplan to meet his own needs. That renovation project includes plenty of custom woodworking that would feel just as at home on a yacht as it does here. The bus’s original gauges and switches have also been lovingly restored, making the cockpit feel very much like it would have back in the day. A GPS device, airhorn, and additional lighting are among the few modern touches.

The living space includes a large lounge area, a dinette, and a kitchen with a three-burner stove, microwave, sink, and a residential refrigerator. Custom wood cabinetry provides plenty of storage, while the onboard bathroom is equipped with a shower, sink, and toilet. The primary bedroom has a king-size bed, while the couch can comfortably sleep  one passenger, and the dinette converts into a sleeping space for children.

bus conversion to RV

Photo Credit: The Fast Lane Classics via YouTube

One of the best aspects of the bus is the large number of windows that allow plenty of natural light into the interior. That includes massive skylights that run the length of the vehicle, giving it a much more open and airy feel. The high ceiling also provides ample room for taller passengers, making this a comfortable option for RV journeys of any length.

In the video, the owner mentions that he built the RV about 15 years ago, so some of the decor feels a bit dated. But the style also has a vintage look that fits well with the bus, which is truly a classic in every sense. Watch the video to get the full experience.

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