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You Can Buy This Camper and a Ford Maverick for Under $29,000

The GFC Platform Camper Turns the Pick-Up into an Affordable RV

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of Go Fast Campers

When the new Ford Maverick pick-up launched last year, it was hailed as a mid-size truck offering plenty of features and performance at an affordable price. The vehicle—which starts at just $20,995—has room for five passengers, is outfitted with plenty of technology, and gets 42 miles per gallon thanks to its 2.5L hybrid engine. But according to the Maverick’s owner’s manual, Ford doesn’t recommend installing a slide-in camper, partly because of the truck’s low payload capacity.

This bit of news dashed the hopes of some Maverick owners, who saw it as a potentially low-cost option for getting into camping. But now—thanks to a company called Go Fast Campers—those dreams may yet come true after all. The company offers what it calls the Platform Camper, which is a lightweight alternative to larger, heavier truck bed campers. And like Ford’s pick-up, it provides a lot of functionality at an affordable price.

Ford Maverick camper

Image Courtesy of Go Fast Campers

The Platform Camper sits on top of the Maverick’s bed, covering the space in much the same way as a traditional topper. The camper uses an aluminum shell that is stable, strong, and versatile. It includes aluminum side panels that provide access to the interior, along with billet aluminum hinges, and extruded aluminum T-track for attaching lights or an awning.

The top of the Platform Camper features a pop-up rooftop tent that extends over the cab of the truck. This gives the vehicle a 50″ x 90″ sleeping space with an interior standing height of 7.5 feet. Mesh doors and side windows allow for easy access and provide good ventilation. A translucent roof allows plenty of natural light throughout the day.

Go Fast says that the Platform Camper weighs a mere 255 pounds and adds just 6.5 inches to the truck’s height. When not deployed, the rooftop tent can handle an additional 500 pounds of cargo, making it a good place to store mountain bikes, kayaks, and other gear. Meanwhile, the bed can be used to haul a camping stove, cooler, table, chairs, or anything else you want to bring with you.

Ford Maverick camper

Image Courtesy of Go Fast Campers

Priced at $7,700, the GFC Platform Camper is somewhat expensive if viewed as just a glorified rooftop tent. But as one of the few camper options currently available for the Maverick, it brings a lot to the table. Its lightweight design stays within the truck’s limited 1,500-pound cargo capacity and perfectly fits the pick-up’s smaller bed. And when you consider the Maverick and the Platform Camper can both be had for under $29,000, it feels like a real bargain.

Check out the video above for more information on the GFC Platform Camper. Then head over to the company’s website for the full specs and options.

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