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Video: How RVs Got Those Iconic Swooping Paint Schemes

Vox Travels to Elkhart, Indiana, to Explore the Evolving Look of Modern RVs

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Vox

Have you ever noticed how many RVs have paint schemes that include swooping and swirling color patterns? Over the years, these splashy designs have dominated the look of motorhomes and travel trailers, changing shape and complexity as technology has evolved. In many ways, those patterns are as iconic and recognizable as the motorhomes and travel trailers themselves, providing a unique look that stands out at the campground and on the road.

Recently, Vox reporter Estelle Caswell traveled to Elkhart, Indiana, to explore the origins of those designs, how they have changed over the years, and whether or not they’ll continue to be around in the future. In the video above, you’ll get the answers to all those questions, and more, as we delve into a slice of RV history that has defined the aesthetic of motorhomes and travel trailers for decades.

rv paint jobs

Photo Credit: Vox

This video is the first in a new five-part series from Vox that focuses on travel design. In this clip, we hear from people working in the RV industry, some of whom love the swoops and swirls and others who prefer a simpler, more minimalistic look. You’ll also get some insights into how RV manufacturers use external paint schemes to change how we perceive a motorhome or travel trailer using these unique patterns to enhance certain design elements.

For future videos in the travel design series, visit the Vox YouTube channel. And drop by the Vox website for news and information on a wide variety of topics, including politics, pop culture, science, technology, and more.

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