The Loki Basecamp Falcon Series Turns Any Truck into an Adventure Vehicle

The Truck Bed Camper's Modular Design Allows for Plenty of Personalization

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We’ve seen some genuinely great truck bed campers arrive on the scene recently, but few can compare to the Loki Basecamp Falcon Series. These self-contained micro-homes have an impressive array of onboard tech, outstanding build quality, and unprecedented levels of customization. Best of all, they are compatible with nearly any pick-up—including Ford F-Series, Chevy Silverado, and Dodge Ram—turning even a mundane truck into a fantastic adventure vehicle.

You’ll be forgiven if you’ve never heard of Loki before, but the company has been around for more than 15 years. Its roots are grounded in the design, engineering, and fabrication sector, although its founders have a passion for outdoor pursuits. This led to the creation of a spinoff business called Loki Basecamp focused on creating the best truck campers on the market. The company builds its models in Quebec City, Canada, although a US-based facility is spinning up soon in Colorado.

Loki Basecamp

Photo Credit: Loki Basecamp

A Four-Season Tiny Home

With the Loki Basecamp Falcon Series, the goal was to create a four-season camper to facilitate any outdoor pursuit. These standalone living pods are perfect for hunters and anglers, backcountry explorers, mountain bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. They’re even well-equipped for road warriors and content creators who need to be able to get work done anywhere.

One of the signature traits of the Falcon is its modular approach to design. This allows owners to work with Loki to customize the camper to fit their needs. Those customizations include choosing exterior colors and finishes, selecting interior materials and components, and adding useful accessories. An integrated utility track system offers an almost limitless number of options for creating a functional interior space.

Built on a lightweight aluminum frame, the Falcon uses a synthetic composite insulation to regulate temperature and dampen outside noise. The camper maintains a stable interior temperature courtesy of an onboard HVAC system, which is all the more efficient thanks to body panels that don’t absorb humidity. The result is a comfortable living space, even when the mercury drops below freezing or outdoor temperatures become excessively warm.

Loki Basecamp

Photo Credit: Loki Basecamp

Solar and Battery Power

Loki has given the Falcon Series a self-contained power system with a 360-watt solar panel and 600 amp-hour battery pack. The camper includes a 2000-watt inverter and charger that powers up mobile devices, laptops, and other electronics. It also powers the interior lighting and provides juice to the Basecamp’s water pump. An integrated digital control panel allows owners to monitor power levels, internal temperature, and water levels in the camper’s fresh and gray water tanks.

The Falcon’s well-appointed interior includes a host of features and amenities. For instance, the cabover sleeping space has a queen-size bed, built-in reading lights, and USB charging ports. Meanwhile, the kitchenette is equipped with a stainless steel sink, induction stove, and a mini-fridge. The nearby lounge area has seating for four and a table that can be reconfigured to accommodate an additional bed if needed.

Perhaps the most unique and interesting interior feature is the Falcon’s mudroom. This area is located just inside the rear door, allowing owners to pull off dirty boots and clothing without tracking dirt inside. But the mudroom is also a versatile and configurable space that can serve as a shower or gear storage area. It is the perfect place to dry wet clothes, and it has a built-in air compressor and USB and AC/DC charging outlets.

Loki Basecamp

Photo Credit: Loki Basecamp

Well-Equipped Inside and Out

The Falcon isn’t lacking in exterior features either. It has front-facing LED light bars that offer 28,000 lumens of illumination and additional LED lighting on the rear and sides. It also has a retractable awning, a multipurpose storage drawer, and double-glass windows with blackout blinds and bug netting. The back of the camper even has an electric panoramic door that opens like a hatch, providing excellent views and improved ventilation. A screen door helps keep insects and other critters at bay.

The process of ordering a Loki Basecamp truck camper is as thoughtful as the design of the unit itself. The first step involves representatives of the company working with potential customers to discover what they are looking for in a camper. From there, they help the client select the right model to meet those needs and determine which customization options make the most sense. If the customer is ready to proceed with the purchase, a $5000 deposit is required.

Loki Basecamp

Photo Credit: Loki Basecamp

Once the deposit is secured, the team goes to work building the unit by hand and integrating all of the features and amenities. While the Flacon is under construction, the future owner receives photo and video updates of the progress so they can watch their camper come together. And when it’s ready to go, Loki schedules home delivery, orientation, and training.

Loki Basecamp’s goal is to deliver an outstanding product that will serve its customer’s needs for many years to come. It puts an emphasis on build quality and owner satisfaction, providing a unique product to RVers that is unlike anything else on the market.

For more information about the Flacon Series truck camper, visit the Loki Basecamp website.

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