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  7. The Hawks Take Their Newmar “Dutch Jr.” on New Adventures
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  7. The Hawks Take Their Newmar “Dutch Jr.” on New Adventures
Trending RVs

The Hawks Take Their Newmar “Dutch Jr.” on New Adventures

The Hawks and Ryker the Hiker pup, love their Class A.

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There’s adventuring, and then there’s adventuring in a Newmar Class A coach. Newmar is known for luxurious coaches with the very best amenities out there. But luxury doesn’t have to mean a lack of excitement or an inability to go beyond the pavement. Stephan Hawks and Stephanie, along with their pup named Ryker the Hiker, have proven this.

The couple used their Newmar 2020 Dutch Star to make the most of a trip to Moab, Utah. On the way there, they towed behind them their Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, which if you weren’t aware, is exactly the kind of vehicle you want to have if you’re braving the extremely tough off-road trails in the area.

The Hawks’ plan is simple: get the RV set up at The Portal RV Resort, and then go off-roading in the Rubicon. The Dutch Star acts as their home base, and Moab is their playground.

Taking on Hell’s Revenge, Visiting Arches National Park

The Hawks have been to Moab before. They know what they’re doing in their Rubicon on the unforgiving and difficult off-road trails, but this time it’s different. They’re taking on the big trail that they’d previously avoided: Hell’s Revenge.

Hell’s Revenge is approximately 6.5 miles of—you guessed it—hellish terrain. It’s rated a 6 by the Red Rock Four Wheelers, and that’s saying something. Only experienced drivers are recommended to brave this trail with their vehicles, and the Hawks are experienced.

Jeeps in Moab

The trail is full of ups and downs, and the vast majority is made up of smooth stone, making it difficult for anything but true off-road machines. Stephanie and Ryker get out to help spot Stephan as he maneuvers along the trail. It’s a slow roll through the rocks, but the couple makes it.

Then it’s on the Arches National Park. The arches here are the belle of the ball, and as the sun sets, the rocks take on a deep red glow. This is why thousands come to the park every year. It’s an experience every RVer will want to have, and while the Jeep has made the extreme parts of the trip possible, it’s the Hawks’ Newmar that’s made the entire adventure what it’s been.

Arches national park, newmar

Their Newmar Enhances The Journey

The Hawks don’t just get to a location and sit around. They’re constantly hiking, climbing, parasailing, off-roading, or doing anything else that piques their interests and spurs their innate lust for adventure.

Newmar Dutch class a cockpit​​

Stephan and Stephanie have traveled in an RV for years. Dutch Jr. isn’t their first Newmar coach, and at this point, they’re seasoned pros. The coach is their ticket to adventure. It’s a way for them to travel to destinations, but it’s about so much more than the destinations themselves.

“If we wanted to travel and just get to a destination, we’d fly and stay in a hotel,” said Stephan. “This is like our home, and it’s so good to have our home with us everywhere we go.”

To be fair, they couldn’t have picked a better home. The Newmar Dutch Star they’ve selected is a top-of-the-line diesel pusher—one of the best in the industry. There are 11 different floorplans (including a wheelchair-accessible design) and everything about the coach is designed for sensible luxury.

Newmar Dutch

All of the floorplans come with multiple slideouts to ensure there’s plenty of space inside the RV. You’ll find a spacious kitchen, comfortable seating, a residential-style bathroom, and a walkaround king or queen bed in the master bedroom.

Notable features include hardwood cabinets and drawers, Villa Comfort Fit furniture, stainless steel appliances, and multiple high-end electronics like Samsung LED TVs, Bose Sound Bar sound system, and more.

With all the comforts of home and all of the world to roam, the Hawks have everything they need thanks to their Newmar, “Dutch Jr.”

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