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  7. The GoLo GoCamp is an e-Bike that Doubles as an RV

The GoLo GoCamp is an e-Bike that Doubles as an RV

The Tiny Camper uses Solar Power to Recharge its Battery

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Flevobike Technology

A Dutch company called Flevobike Technology has shared a prototype design for a tiny camper built on a recumbent e-bike platform. Dubbed the GoLo GoCamp, this innovative little vehicle is unlike anything you’ve ever seen at the campsite before, packing a surprising amount of technology and features into a small space. And while it may lack many of the amenities found on much larger RVs, it does seem to be cozy and comfortable.

Flevobike has spent the past few years developing an electric cargo bike called the GoLo, which is designed for use in urban environments. The bike comes with a 1000 watt-hour battery and a 250-watt pedal-assist motor that give it a range of up to 31 miles on a single charge. Its recumbent seating position makes it more comfortable and efficient to ride, especially when carrying a large load.

GoLo GoCamp e-bike

Photo Credit: Flevobike Technology

The GoCamp is a modular add-on built to ride on the GoLo platform and demonstrate the e-bike’s versatility. The camper’s interior offers a small, but sheltered living space complete with a wooden table, a fold-out canopy, and a dinette with room for two. When it’s time to get some shut-eye, the dinette chairs convert into a bed, which extends into a slide-out to accommodate taller campers.

Other features include a 400-watt solar panel that provides power to the bikes batteries, a small refrigerator, and any mobile devices that are brought along for the ride. The GoCamp’s cabin is enmeshed in mosquito netting to help keep insects at bay and has a foldout awning to provide shade and shelter from the weather. It even comes with a set of integrated shelves for storing gear and important supplies.

GoLo GoCamp e-bike

Photo Credit: Flevobike Technology

It is unclear whether or not the GoCamp will move beyond the concept phase and will eventually be available for GoLo owners to purchase. But even if it remains just an interesting prototype, it is an intriguing idea for how an e-bike could transform the way we travel. And while it may not be the dream RV for everyone, it is a fun idea for an alternative way to camp.

For more information on the GoLo GoCamp, check out the video above. While it is mostly in Dutch, there are subtitles to help fill in what is being said. Plus, it gives a good look at the prototype e-bike in action.

Where can we get one?

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