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  7. The BluMobil Trailer Generates Power and Clean Water on the Go

The BluMobil Trailer Generates Power and Clean Water on the Go

This Tiny Towable is a Self-Contained Base Camp for Camping Off the Grid

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of BluOasis

Parking your RV at an off-the-grid campsite comes with more than a few benefits. Those remote settings are usually quieter and less crowded than traditional campgrounds and provide a better connection with nature, too. This style of camping isn’t without its challenges, however, most notably how to generate power and clean drinking water without the typical RV hookups. But a new towable called the BlueMobile trailer promises to change that, making it easier to go boondocking for extended periods.

The BluMobile trailer comes our way courtesy of BluOasis, a company specializing in off-grid solar power and water solutions. The organization offers high-tech tools for use in homes or at remote cabins and worksites to generate energy and fresh water. These systems can independently create thousands of kilowatt hours of power and as much as ten gallons of fresh drinking water per day.

Solar Power

BluOasis took that technology, applied some clever design, and created a mobile solution to address those same needs for boondockers and overlanders. The BluMobile’s solar panels are a good example of this engineering at work, using a powered slide-out solution to effectively double their capacity.

BluMobile trailer

Image Courtesy of BluOasis

The trailer can generate up to 1,500 watts of power, despite having a relatively small footprint. This is possible thanks to a set of solar panels permanently attached to the roof and a second set of solar cells that can be deployed when parked at the campsite. The electricity generated is stored in a 15-kilowatt-hour battery pack, with an optional 30 kWh pack upgrade available.

Fresh Water

In addition to its solar array, the BluMobile comes with an onboard atmospheric water generator. This system creates fresh water by pulling in humidity from the air and using a condensation process to collect moisture. An ultraviolet purification system removes bacteria and other harmful elements from the water, making it safe to drink.

As mentioned, as much as ten gallons of water can be harvested on a daily basis, with any excess moisture stored in the trailer’s 40-gallon tank. When that tank is full, campers can deactivate the system, saving power in the process.

In addition to its high-tech features, the towable also comes with a pop-up tent with a queen-size mattress. The BlueMobile’s main cabin can sleep two additional people and offers ample cargo space for hauling gear. This allows the trailer to be used independently or as a supplemental option towed behind a motorhome or camper van.

For more information about the BluMobile trailer, watch the video above. Then visit the BluOasis website to find out more.

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