The Bean Stock 2.0 is the Minimalist Off-Road Teardrop We’ve Been Waiting For

The lightweight towable is an affordable, no-frills option for off-grid camping

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If you’re looking for a lightweight, easy-to-tow option for off-grid camping, it’s hard to beat a teardrop trailer. This class of towables offers a comfortable place to sleep, a galley kitchen space, and a few other amenities. But they are massive upgrades over a tent and can often go places you wouldn’t want to take a traditional travel trailer. That’s pretty much the entire pitch for a company called Bean, which makes teardrops specifically for the off-road and overlanding crowd.

Bean Stock 2.0 teardrop

Photo Credit: Bean

The most recent addition to the Bean catalog is the Bean Stock 2.0—a no-frills model built to take on the most challenging terrain imaginable. The trailer is so light that can easily be towed by small SUVs like a Subaru Forester or Toyota RAV4, making it much more accessible to a larger audience. And despite its approachable price point and diminutive size, this little towable offers some impressive specs and capabilities, making it an excellent companion for those who like to take the road less traveled.

The Bean Stock 2.0’s tale of the tape indicates the trailer is a little over 14′ in length and 7′ 4″ wide. It weighs in at just 1,175 lbs. and has a max height of 83″. The camper offers 17″ of ground clearance while riding on off-road-focused 205/75R15 tires and a 2000 lb. Timbren HD suspension, ensuring it can roll over rocks, water, mud, and undulating terrain without skipping a beat. A highly durable one-piece fiberglass shell and composite honeycomb side walls give the teardrop a measure of durability that goes above and beyond most other models, which inspires confidence when overlanding.

Bean Stock 2.0 teardrop

Photo Credit: Bean

Inside, the Bean Stock 2.0 features a cozy cabin complete with a queen-size bed, dimmable LED lighting, and a rear shelf with a galley storage cubby. The surprisingly spacious interior offers up to 12″ more headroom than most other teardrop models, making it feel more open and less cramped. An insulated ceiling helps maintain a consistent temperature while keeping moisture at bay, while large windows allow plenty of natural light inside.

For the 2.0 version of the Bean Stock, the company saved pounds by dropping its traditional galley kitchen, previously housed under a hatch found at the rear of the trailer. By doing away with the hatch and all the mechanical mechanisms used to hold it in place, the company shaved a lot of weight and complexity from the design. This not only speeds up the manufacturing process but also removes parts that could wear out or even fail while camping. The result is a trailer that is much lighter but lacks a dedicated cooking space.

Bean Stock 2.0 teardrop

Photo Credit: Bean

To address the need for a galley kitchen, the company came up with some unique and clever options. For instance, owners can purchase an optional table that connects to the side of the teardrop, giving them everything they need for their outdoor kitchen. The table has enough surface area for a stove, coffee pot, and other small appliances, and it comes with built-in cutouts to house a collapsible sink and a cutting board. It even has enough room to gather around to enjoy the meal. For those who need even more space, a second table can be added to the mix, with the option to attach it underneath the interior storage shelf for use inside the cabin.

The Bean Stock 2.0 comes prewired to connect to a portable power station, making it easy to connect to an EcoFlow, Jackery, or Goal Zero solar generator. It includes a Goal Zero Yeti 500 inverter and has shore power and solar power ports. Factory-mounted solar panels are one of many optional upgrades that include everything from awnings and accent lighting to portable refrigerators and a portable shower.

Bean Stock 2.0 teardrop

Photo Credit: Bean

One of the teardrop’s biggest strengths is its ease of customizability. Owners can upgrade the trailer to meet their needs themselves or have Bean kit it out for them. It is even available in 18 colors, allowing customers to customize their camper’s looks, too. And with an MSRP of just $15,995, customers should have some cash left over to create the exact camper they want and need.

The Bean Stock 2.0 is available now. To learn more about this fun-looking towable, visit

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