Goal Zero Announces Massive New Power Station for Home and RV

The Yeti Pro 400 and Tank Pro Battery Pack Take Energy Storage and Output to New Levels

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Goal Zero

When Goal Zero first launched in June of 2009, it revolutionized the portable power space. The company brought solar-powered power stations to the consumer market, changing the way we lived, worked, and traveled in the outdoors. For a time, the brand continued delivering groundbreaking new products, but in recent years, companies like Jackery, EcoFlow, and Bluetti seemed to surpass it in terms of technology and innovation. That is, at least until today.

Goal Zero has come out swinging with it new Yeti Pro 4000 and the Tank Pro add-on battery packs, which set new standards in terms of power storage and output. The two products work in conjunction with one another to form an expandable clean-energy ecosystem that brings massive amounts of power to the campground, job site, or home, providing plenty of electricity whenever and wherever you need it most.

Goal Zero Yeti 4000 Pro

Photo Credit: Goal Zero

Everything about the Yeti Pro 4000 is massive, starting with its nearly 116-pound weight. But the device also delivers impressive stats, including a best-in-class 4000Wh of storage capacity and a sustained output of 3600 watts with a peak surge of up to 7200 watts. The power station also comes with 20 charging ports. That’s enough juice to run a residential-size refrigerator for 50 hours, a 60” TV for 40 hours, or a CPAP machine for 52 hours. It’ll also allow you to recharge a laptop more than 60 times and a phone over 280 times.

The power station has 20 charging ports, including four 120V AC outlets, a 12V DC port, and three USB-A and USB-C ports. It even comes with a built-in 30A port for handling heavy-duty appliances or other devices that require 3600 watts of continuous power. The unit can potentially provide energy to a small RV using this port, as well.

Goal Zero Yeti 4000 Pro

Photo Credit: Goal Zero

The Yeti Pro 4000 recharges via a 12V port in a vehicle, by AC wall outlet, or by using up to 3000W of solar panels. Its quick charging capabilities replenish the batteries in as little as three hours when plugged into a 120V home outlet or under six hours using solar in ideal conditions. Those are impressive numbers for a power station of this size and capacity. It even uses LiFePO4 batteries for improved safety and a lifespan of up to ten years.

Goal Zero has also announced the Tank Pro, an add-on battery pack that expands the storage capacity of the Yeti Pro 4000. Each Tank Pro adds another 4000Wh of storage, with up to four expansion batteries working in tandem with the power station at any given time. That brings the potential total capacity to a stunning 20,000Wh, making this an ideal option for emergency backup power at home.

Goal Zero Yeti 4000 Pro

Photo Credit: Goal Zero

Both devices are available today. The Yeti Pro 4000 is priced at $3,995.95 by itself or can be purchased in a Tank Pro bundle starting at $6,889.95. Visit Goal Zero’s website to find out more.

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