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  7. The 2022 Highland Ridge Range Lite Air Travel Trailer
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  7. The 2022 Highland Ridge Range Lite Air Travel Trailer
Trending RVs

The 2022 Highland Ridge Range Lite Air Travel Trailer

Get to Know This Compact, Lightweight Towable Camper

Image Caption: PC Highland Ridge RV

With the abundance of travel trailers on the market these days, Highland Ridge has a new lightweight trailer that is worth a second look. The 2022 Range Lite Air from Highland Ridge RV is built for easy towing and family-friendly functionality.

This is a lightweight towable available with four different floorplans from 20’ up to 23’6” in length. The largest of these sleeps up to eight people, which makes it an excellent travel trailer for family camping.

The Highland Ridge Range Lite Air Specs

MY22_Highland Ridge Range Lite Air 19MBH

PC Highland Ridge RV

Here’s a quick rundown of the basic specifications for the floorplans of this Highland Ridge trailer:

highland ridge range lite air specs

In terms of tank capacities, these floorplans don’t differ much. All four offer a 55-gallon freshwater tank, a 30-gallon gray water capacity, and a 60-pound propane capacity. The 16FBS, 17BH, and 19MBH trailers offer a 30-gallon black water tank and the 18RBS offers a 32-gallon black tank.

Compare and contrast all Range Lite Air floorplans here.

2022 Range Lite Air Exterior Features

MY22_Range Lite Air 19MBH

PC Highland Ridge RV

This trailer is wired for 30-amp electrical service and features two marine-grade exterior speakers for outdoor entertainment. The Magnum Roof™ system is fully walkable for easy roof inspections and you’ll enjoy excellent TV reception with this trailer’s dome-style antenna with Wi-Fi prep.

You can get on and off the roof with the rear roof access ladder and you’ll be able to store some extra gear up there with a Thule roof-mount accessory rack. This trailer also makes backing into campsites much easier with prep for a rear observation camera that can be wired into your tow vehicle.

There’s an exterior propane port for hooking up an outdoor grill and a retractable power awning for a shaded lounge area on hot days. Solid swing-down steps provide safe and easy entry and exit and this trailer boasts tinted safety-glass windows throughout.

Check out more Range Lite Air exterior features.

Highland Ridge Range Lite Air Interior Features

MY22_Highland Ridge Range Lite Air 19MBH_BTF

PC Highland Ridge RV

Inside this compact travel trailer, you’ll find all the comfortable amenities you need for cooking, eating, lounging, sleeping, and personal hygiene. There’s residential vinyl flooring throughout that makes this trailer easy to sweep clean after each trip.

The kitchen boasts a recessed stovetop range with two burners and a flush-mount glass cover. It is also equipped with a convection microwave, a deep kitchen sink with a residential high-rise faucet, and seamless pressed membrane countertops.

MY22_Range Lite Air 19MBH_Bath

PC Highland Ridge RV

There’s hardwood cabinetry throughout and kid and pet-friendly vinyl RV furniture too. The bathroom boasts a standard foot-flush RV toilet and a tub shower for rinsing off quickly after a long day. Other interior amenities include a queen-sized bed, LED lighting, roller blackout shades, and a bathroom skylight and roof vent.

Learn more about the interior features of this Highland Ridge trailer.

The Customer Convenience Package

MY22_Highland Ridge Range Lite 19MBH_Kitchen_Bunk

PC Highland Ridge RV

The Highland Ridge Customer Convenience Package is a mandatory inclusion for all Range Lite Air trailer builds. The package includes many of the added appliances all RVers love and some upgrades that make this trailer better for remote camping.

For climate control, the Range Lite Air features an enclosed and insulated underbelly and a fully insulated roof with a PVC roofing membrane to minimize heat transfer. For hot days, the trailer is also equipped with a 15,000-BTU roof air conditioning unit.

For rugged travel, the Range Lite Air is built with 15-inch off-road radial tires with aluminum rims on the ends of a rubber torsion axle that is built with adjustments for increased ground clearance.

When setting up at a campground, this trailer makes it easy with stabilizing jacks and a power tongue jack. Other great features of this package include a six-gallon gas and electric water heater, a 32-inch LED TV, solar prep on the roof, and two 30-pounds propane bottles.

See the full list of the features and appliances on the Customer Convenience Package here. 

Optional Upgrades

MY22_Range Lite Air 19MBH_Bed

PC Highland Ridge RV

You will also have the chance to include a few important upgrades in your Range Lite Air build. These upgrades include 12-volt heating pads for your holding tanks, a Wi-Fi router for improved internet connectivity, and an off-grid solar package with a 190-watt solar panel and a 30-amp charge controller.

Learn More About the 2022 Highland Ridge Range Lite Air

MY22_Highland Ridge Range Lite Air 19MBH_FTB

PC Highland Ridge RV

This lightweight towable travel trailer offers the perfect blend of durability, convenience, and affordability. Download your free brochure to learn more about one of 2022’s most appealing travel trailers!

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