How to Camp at a Harvest Hosts Location

Tips to Make the Most of your Hosted Experiences

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You’re bound to meet fellow campers no matter where you go, but camping at a Harvest Hosts location provides unique chances to meet and learn from locals.

RV adventures often lead to incredible experiences that teach us about new people and places. Our road trips are often remembered for the unexpected parts of the journey rather than the destination.

If you’re curious about Harvest Hosts, here’s how you can maximize your camping experiences at Harvest Hosts locations.

What is Harvest Hosts?

Pyke Bragg Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a network of more than 3,000 RV camping locations in the lower 48 states, Canada, Alaska, and Baja, California – and their network of locations is still growing. They also offer a Golf upgrade option, which adds more than 400 options for Members to enjoy overnight stays at golf courses.

The annual membership-based platform gives Members unlimited access to overnight stays at Host locations with no added camping fees. They just ask that you support your Host, which is almost always a small, local business.

The only requirement for membership is that you have a self-sufficient RV with a toilet, grey water holding tank, and indoor kitchen. Use the code RVMAG to join and receive 15% off your membership fee!

How to Choose a Harvest Hosts Location


With so many locations, it can be a bit overwhelming. The Harvest Hosts network includes farms, wineries, breweries, and more. To narrow your choices, target locations that interest you and your family.

Maybe you and your partner want to sample some local beer and wine. Or maybe you want to take the kids to experience everything that goes into owning and cultivating a permaculture farm.

Many Harvest Hosts locations offer a fun activity you can participate in during your stay. Others sell goods you might want to purchase to support small businesses in the communities you explore along your travels.

Read the Host profiles carefully to learn more about each location’s offerings before submitting a Request-to-Stay on the platform. This will allow you to find fun, educational experiences while giving back to the locations that generously allow you to camp overnight.

Receive 15% off your membership fee with the code RVMAG. Join and begin exploring host profiles today!

How to Prepare for Harvest Hosts Camping

Wrights Farm

All Harvest Hosts locations offer dry camping (or boondocking), which means limited or no RV hookups. So you’ll need to prepare for dry camping before your arrival. This means filling up your freshwater holding tank, emptying your grey and black water holding tanks if full, ensuring your RV batteries are charged, and more.

Camping with Harvest Hosts does require boondocking, but boondocking is easier at Harvest Hosts locations than it is in more remote areas.

That being said, here are a few additional tips to prepare for your Harvest Hosts experience:

  • Plan your meals in advance unless the location has food available (and many do).
  • Make sure you have a good RV vent fan or add a USB-rechargeable portable fan to your setup to help you stay cool if you can’t run your AC at night.
  • Consider adding a second house battery or installing solar panels on your roof to keep energy stored to power your RV lights, small appliances, and electronics.

How to Make the Most of your Experience

Peach State Aerodrome - Kathi Vanderbilt

Once you arrive and set up, it’s time for the fun! Take the time to get to know your Hosts and listen to their stories. Sure, you might find great chances to share your own stories as well, but you can learn a lot from your Hosts – such as how wine is made or how to take care of baby animals!

If you’re staying at a location that hosts more than a single camper, be open to visiting with the other RVers on-site. This is the best way to build community on the road; you never know when you’ll get an excellent recommendation for something to see on the road ahead!

One of the best motivations for exploring Harvest Hosts is to avoid stop-overs at noisy truck stops and rest areas. Instead, experience local flavor, support small businesses, and meet fellow RVers at a Harvest Hosts location on your way to your final camping destination.

Join now and get 15% off your membership fee with the code: RVMAG.

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