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Jay Leno Takes Us on a Tour of an EarthRoamer Expedition RV

The Off-Road Vehicle Makes Its Way into the Former Late Night Host’s Garage

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of EarthRoamer

For many overlanders, boondockers, and adventure seekers, EarthRoamer expedition vehicles are the ultimate off-road RV. These over-engineered trucks can survive in the most rugged environments imaginable while delivering a luxury camping experience that includes handcrafted interiors, residential-style appliances, and enough solar power to boondock for days. But with a base price that starts at about $700,000, most of us will never even get the chance to take a look inside.

Thankfully, Jay Leno is here to help. The former late-night host recently had a chance to check out an EarthRoamer LTi and filmed the experience for his television show Jay Leno’s Garage. The entire episode was then shared online, with the YouTube video available above.

As you can imagine, the RV includes some fantastic features that aren’t typical for most motorhomes. For starters, it is built on a Ford F-550 Super Duty platform and comes with a 6.7-liter turbodiesel engine. The EarthRoamer team then installs a custom camper shell made from carbon fiber and 43-inch off-road tires. Swing-out exterior storage bays are also added, expanding the vehicle’s cargo capacity.

Jay Leno EarthRoamer

Image Courtesy of EarthRoamer

Inside, the LTi is nicely appointed, too. It includes such luxury features as a wine cellar and a cedar-lined closet. The RV has a surprisingly large bathroom, complete with shower and toilet, and an onboard kitchen with an induction stove, convection oven, microwave, and an air fryer. A roof-mounted array of solar panels and a bank of lithium-ion batteries provide self-sustaining power to keep all of the equipment running while traveling off the grid.

These descriptions don’t really do the EarthRoamer justice. Instead, you should watch the video and take a fully-guided tour along with Jay. If you’re like him, you’ll probably come away suitably impressed, even if he is more likely to be able to afford one of these vehicles than the rest of us.

For more information on EarthRoamer expedition vehicles, visit the company’s website. And check out Jay Leno’s YouTube channel for other vehicular hijinks.

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