Cash, Credit, Or … Bitcoin: Is Buying an RV with Cryptocurrency Possible?

Find out how soon, and where you already are, able to pay for your new rig with new age money.

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It’s all over the news. People have been making some serious money recently in unconventional ways and perhaps you’ve invested in the trend as well. That’s right, we’re talking about cryptocurrency.

The ‘crypto’ market has EXPLODED in the past few years and currency options have moved way beyond just Bitcoin. In fact, you can find and purchase an estimated 4,000+ cryptocurrencies today. If you’ve been fortunate enough to capitalize on the crypto boom, you just might have your eye on a few items from your wish list. If one of those items happens to be an RV, I’ve got you covered.

Making purchases with cryptocurrencies or converting them back to cash has been notoriously cumbersome, making it difficult for you to cash in on your good fortune. Fortunately, more and more vendors and financial institutions are recognizing the power of crypto and offering various options to make shopping with unconventional currency a whole lot easier. As it turns out, RV and outdoor retailer Camping World has launched a new partnership with BitPay to make buying an RV with cryptocurrency a reality.

If you think this may be an option for you, keep on reading as we have a few things that you’ll need to know, going forward.

BitPay Is Your Go-To Resource for Crypto-Based Purchases

What is BitPay, you ask? Well, once you’ve accumulated enough in cryptocurrency assets that you’re wanting to make some purchases, you’ll need a way to get cash into the hands of everyday merchants. BitPay offers convenient services to purchase, store, and make financial transactions with various cryptocurrencies.

Your assets will stay nicely stored in your virtual ‘wallet’ where you can see the real-time cash value of your coins on your phone as the market fluctuates. Participating retailers, like Camping World, will accept BitPay account information for large purchases. To make everyday purchases, however, BitPay gives you the option to get a standard debit card. They’ll also link it to your account. Through a conversion process, BitPay converts your crypto coin to dollars, giving you all of the flexibility that you expect from a card.

Camping World Dealership Location

Camping World now accepts payments through Bitpay at selection locations.

Camping World Doesn’t Accept All Cryptocurrencies

Not all coins are created equal. The cryptocurrency market can be a lot of fun with new coins appearing daily, some featuring funny and flashy names like the recently popular ‘Dogecoin.’ It’s important to acknowledge, however, that most retailers recognize the volatility of cryptocurrencies and only accept a trusted few for financial transactions. Camping World is no exception in this regard.

For customers buying an RV with cryptocurrency, Camping World will happily accept the heavy hitters in the market, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there are a few others they’ll take as well. If you’re wondering whether Camping World will accept your other coins as payment, reach out to BitPay to see if you’ll qualify.

You Can Only Make Crypto Purchases at Select Locations

In an effort to ensure a quality experience and smooth introduction, Camping World has chosen to limit digital currency purchases to a couple of select locations. As of right now, individuals wanting to buy an RV through the BitPay partnership can only do so at the Chicago area and Kenosha, Wisconsin locations.

However, the company is planning to expand this service to all Camping World locations where RVs are sold. If these two locations aren’t close to home, there’s a good chance your store will begin accepting BitPay at some point this summer.

Nobody can predict what the cryptocurrency market will do on any given day. There have been a lot of up- and down-swings that offer plenty of excitement, but economists and financial analysts encourage investors to thoroughly research whether investing in cryptocurrency aligns with your short- and long-term financial goals. For those of you who are using cryptocurrency regularly, there are many encouraging developments to make using your digital currency easier at a wider variety of merchants.

Camping World has continued its push to modernize and streamline the RV shopping experience. Plans to create a paperless online RV purchase experience are already in the works, and this new partnership with BitPay that makes buying an RV with cryptocurrency possible is clear evidence of the company’s commitment to adapt to their tech-savvy customer base.

Whether you are ready to pull the trigger on a beautiful new motorhome, or waiting until your coin rockets ‘to the moon,” Camping World will be ready to do business with you.

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