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  7. CURT QuickPin Trailer Coupler Replaces Your Traditional Latch-Style Coupler

CURT QuickPin Trailer Coupler Replaces Your Traditional Latch-Style Coupler

A Simplified Hitching Experience

Image Caption: Image from CURT

CURT recently released its latest QuickPin trailer coupler. This trailer coupler simplifies the hitching up process by eliminating the need for a traditional hinging, latch-style coupler.

If you hitch-up often, you know that traditional latch-style couplers often rust and become worn. This makes hitching up an issue. The new QuickPin system from CURT is a much more simplified system. According to CURT, it reduces stress and frustration while still providing a secure connection and peace of mind.

The system gets rid of the traditional hinge design and instead offers a single hitch pin that secures the coupler to the ball. This could be a major boon for travel trailer owners and help

The QuickPin coupler is available to fit standard two-inch diameter ball hitches as well as two and one-half inch or three-inch ball hitches. QuickPin also comes with pre-drilled holes designed to fit most existing bolt configurations, making installation easy.


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