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  7. Class A Review: Tiffin Allegro Bus 45 OPP
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  7. Class A Review: Tiffin Allegro Bus 45 OPP

Class A Review: Tiffin Allegro Bus 45 OPP

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RV enthusiasts in the market for a high-dollar motorhome have certain expectations that must be met. A high-end coach should have exceptional design and quality, graceful lines, be a pleasure to drive and have the latest in amenities — not to mention high-tech features. The 2019 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45 OPP is a quad-slide coach that fits the bill exceptionally well; it’s a veritable “Architectural Digest” on wheels.


Stepping into the Allegro Bus is tantalizing. All the surfaces are befitting of the nearly $500,000 as-tested MSRP. The front entry is adorned with ceramic wood-plank tile with marble tread nosing and chrome accents; a venerable grand staircase into a mobile manse. Entry to the locked coach is aided by an illuminated keyless touchpad that also operates other items such as basement door locks and awnings.


The master bedroom suite is configured masterfully, benefitting from additional capital expenditure on Tiffin’s part.

Of course, bedrooms are primarily for sleeping, and the test coach featured an optional Power Smart king bed ($1,680), which allows the mattress to be extended out from the slideout wall, making it easy to change sheets or raise the head for reading or watching TV — all controlled from a nearby touchpad. A major new feature is the optional rear emergency exit ($1,680), which is a good investment for safety. Emergency exits have traditionally been problematic in RVs because in many cases, egress is difficult and requires that the occupants dive out an opening to the ground. While this type of emergency exit meets code, it ultimately can lead to injuries. Tiffin has designed an airplane-style emergency exit located behind two of the headboard panels. In an emergency, while in bed or in the rear of the coach, these two panels are simply pulled off and set aside, the exit handle latch is then pulled and the door folds down to create a rudimentary staircase or ladder from which to exit.

This is a true game changer, in our opinion, and we’d love to see this feature in every RV bedroom.


Innovative emergency exit is a great safety feature and should be on every RV.

There is ample storage in the bedroom, both above and across from the bed. Here again, owners have a choice of layout. The test coach was fitted with a lift-up LED TV and fireplace for ambiance, along with drawers and shelves for storing essentials. A solid cherry multi-panel sliding door separates the bedroom suite from the rest of the coach, creating another living zone, and privacy when guests come calling.

The rear portion of the suite is the master bathroom and closet/dressing room. Some folks might find this area to be wasted space, but we would disagree. At 45 feet in length with four slides, interior space in the 45 OPP is not an issue, and this bathroom makes daily routines, clothing care and storage much more enjoyable.

The closet and dressing room is another well-thought-out space, with a plethora of cabinets and cubbies. A portable seat, also in ultraleather, aids in dressing, and can also be used in the living room as a matching footstool.

Galley & Storage


When expanded, the galley has plenty of prep space.

The galley configuration has slightly less “fixed” counterspace than other motorhome galleys, but the large stainless-steel farmer’s sink, optional Wolf induction cooktop ($2,100) and a pull-out island make the trade-off viable. The cooktop and sink have solid-surface covers, so additional counterspace can be attained when they are not needed. The pull-out island adds considerably to the counterspace. A full tile mosaic backsplash is an attractive and utilitarian addition and creates a large rectangular tile surround for the recessed window opening. This window, as with all the others, is served by a power shade, controlled by the Spyder system.

Across from the galley is the stainless Maytag French door refrigerator/freezer with ice and water in the door, flanked by two automatic locking slide-out pantries. Floor-level accent lighting here and in the main galley is a nice touch.

Above the counter is a Sharp Carousel convection microwave with range vent, and an interesting overhead cabinet with mini slide-out pantry, which reduces those hidden-in-the-way-back items we tend to forget about. Also, it serves as a kitchen shelf that’s visible to the cook, but otherwise looks like fine cabinetry to the living area occupants when deployed. Again, nicely done.

Living Area


With the captain’s chairs rotated, the living room is a comfortable place for entertaining guests. Photos by Shawn Spence

The captain’s chairs, of course, can be rotated toward the living room, which can be customized at the factory, in many ways, to suit the client’s taste. The test unit was equipped with opposing sofa beds, and an elevating TV behind the one on the passenger side. It also has a dinette with computer station, all of which are standard. However, recliners, theater seating, fireplaces and U-shaped dinettes are all options that can be selected to rearrange the living space. The floor is a seasoned wood plank tile with radiant heating ($4,900) for a nice feel on chilly days and nights. The bright floor contrasts nicely with the solid cherry cabinetry ($2,240) throughout the coach. All the furniture options in the living space are clad in ultraleather, including two heavy dining chairs that look and feel like those in high-end homes. Six species of wood and four interior appointments are available.

The dinette with its computer station is a fine example of space designed for multitasking. The allocated space makes it convenient to spread out and work, and the storage space below and above ensures everything has a place to live when not in use. Mate this to the Winegard ConnecT 2.0 mobile Wi-Fi extender with 4G LTE service, and your office, and the whole coach for that matter, are connected to the world.

Speaking of lighting, the entire motorhome is equipped with dimmable LED lighting, controlled via the Spyder system. The circuits are separated into logical zones, so the lighting can be custom set for any mood or need.



A teak wall seat in the glass, tile and solid-surface shower with dual-residential shower heads adds the ultimate note of luxury.

The 45 OPP is a bath-and-a-half floorplan; the forward half-bath shares the same deluxe décor as the galley, and is equipped with a Dometic Masterflush 8700 macerating toilet.

The lavatory shares a common theme with the rest of the motorhome in that the facilities are cast from the same solid-surface material, with the colonial carved edge. Deluxe wall-mounted waterfall faucets serve his and hers sinks, and are matched by independent vanity mirrors with medicine cabinets sitting atop a matching tile wall. Again, LED lighting in the soffit provides ample illumination, and there is adequate storage in the sink base.

The pièce de résistance in the rear bath is the huge walk-in shower, with solid glass surround and door, and mosaic tile design applied to the solid-surface surround. This is an amazing addition for the shower aficionado and is akin to the finest showers found in exclusive hotels and homes. Residential shower controls direct the water to a rainfall immersion head or a handheld shower massage head. The shower encourages taking very long hot showers, supported by the 100-gallon freshwater tank, 100-gallon gray-water tank and the Aqua-Hot instant hot water and heating system. With full hookups, you could theoretically soak in the rain shower all day.


His and hers sinks with waterfall faucets make daily primping a breeze.

Special Features

A touch panel just inside the entry door incorporates many of the coach’s available functions, including interior and exterior lighting, awning control, door locks, panel lights and battery control. This is super convenient for checking the status of the vehicle while in storage, adjusting the interior temperature and gaining access to all the basement compartments. The passenger has his or her own panel on the armrest with independent lighting, power shade, step cover and fan controls.

One feature that took us some time to discover was the front slideout controls. While the rear slides are controlled via the Spyder system, the front two are controlled by switches in the back edge of the driver and passenger seats. While this might seem a bit unusual, it’s actually brilliant. Many a front captain’s chair and slideout have been damaged because the owner forgot to move the seats forward before operating the slideouts. This placement ensures that, as Spock would say, the operator is one with the seat and slide.



Materials & Construction

The exterior of the Allegro Bus is available in eight exterior color schemes, and while the schemes consist of the customary swirls and swooshes, the color combinations are attractive, and the paint is deep and mostly flawless. Dual electric lateral arm patio awnings — in addition to a matching entry-door awning — provide a generous amount of covered patio space.

A problem with many RV slideouts is that, in time, the seals on the slide box fail and leak, which leads to delamination and structural decay. Tiffin uses Seamless Slides, which is a completely watertight slideout system, according to the company. The slide boxes are made of one-piece formed fiberglass with special seals, and toppers are added to make the complete system. The Seamless System promises to be another Tiffin game-changer in slideout design and longevity.

Notable Equipment & Features

Another hallmark of an upscale motorcoach is how it handles on the road. The 45 OPP’s road manners are impressive, courtesy of Tiffin’s Powerglide chassis.

The 450-hp Cummins ISL powerplant puts out 1,250 lb-ft of torque, and mated with the Allison 3000MH six-speed automatic transmission with electronic touchpad controls, provides more than adequate power and acceleration for this size coach. With a gross vehicle weight rating of 51,000 pounds, this is a lot of bus to move around, so while it isn’t a Ferrari, it will get the job done nicely. For those with a little heavier foot, the 45 OPP is available with an optional Cummins X15 that supplies 605 hp and 1,950 lb-ft of torque, mated to an Allison 4000MH six-speed gearbox. On the road, stability is good and the coach handles abrupt lane changes with aplomb. The turning radius of the 45 OPP is nothing short of amazing, and some tests in a parking lot proved that this 45-foot behemoth could make a turn onto a narrow two-lane without an issue. The tag axle on the Powerglide chassis raises automatically but can be overridden manually if needed.

Exterior Storage Space

Basement storage is plentiful and easy to access with the two optional power slide-out trays ($3,150) and also features a Dometic chest refrigerator/freezer on its own tray, beneath the exterior entertainment center.

Operation and Ease of Use

The driver’s compartment is luxurious and well laid out. The entire coach is operated via a Spyder Controls multiplexing computer ($2,240), which is easy to operate. The screens and touchpads are clear and simple to navigate. Included is a complete digital dashboard with integrated JBL stereo ($1,540), Garmin RV navigation and camera system. The six-way power driver’s seat is clad in ultraleather and with the multi-position smart wheel steering wheel, promotes driver comfort. The digital dashboard display image appears on an LED screen, and the virtual gauges move vertically and side-to-side electronically to ensure a clear view to the driver. The panoramic windshield provides a glorious view of the road and passing scenery. The mirrors are easily seen, and cameras increase blind-spot visibility.
One note about the Spyder Controls system: it’s great but lacks an available app for smart devices. Coach Proxy is an aftermarket add-on that will allow connectivity from any computer, phone or tablet, according to the company.

More important than accelerating a coach this heavy is stopping it. While the chassis features the customary engine brake and air service brakes, the test unit also employed the optional Mobileye collision avoidance system ($1,540), which helps reduce the need for emergency stops.

What We Liked

Driver’s compartment layout, farmer’s sink in galley, walk-in shower, emergency exit stair in bedroom

What We’d Like to See

Shower skylight cover, lack of standard app support for Spyder Controls multiplex system

Final Thoughts

Over the years, Tiffin has become a company with a legendary reputation that stands tall against the competition. The 2019 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45 OPP is a coach designed for those who spend a lot of time on the road or live in it full time and expect exceptional style and quality. While no rig is perfect for everybody, this one should be on the list for a luxury motorcoach. If you think we’re singing a high note for this Allegro, you’d be right.

(h2) Manufacturer’s Specs


Model Tiffin Powerglide
Engine Cummins ISL 8.9L I-6
SAE Hp 450 @ 2,100 rpm
Torque 1,250 lb-ft @ 1,400-1,500 rpm
Transmission Allison 3000MH 6-speed automatic
Axle Ratio 4.63:1
Tires 315/80R 22.5
Wheelbase 323″
Brakes Front/Rear Air ABS Disc
Suspension Front/Rear Air
Fuel Capacity 150 gal
DEF Capacity 15 gal
Fuel Economy 7.1 mpg
Warranty 3 years/50,000 miles

Exterior Length 45′
Exterior Width 8′ 5″
Exterior Height 13′ 3″
Interior Width 8′
Interior Height 6′ 11″
Construction All laminated fiberglass, roof, walls, floors; Seamless System slideout boxes; steel and aluminum structure
Freshwater Capacity 100 gal
Black-water Capacity 55 gal
Gray-water Capacity 100 gal
Water-heater Capacity Instantaneous
LP-gas Capacity N/A
Air Conditioner (3) 15,000 Btu with heat pumps
Furnace Aqua-Hot Hydronic, 65,600-Btu
Refrigerator 21.7 cu-ft
Inverter/Charger Magnum 2,800 watts/125 amps
Batteries (6) 6-volt
AC Generator Onan QD 10kW
MSRP $451,500
MSRP As Tested $493,017
Warranty 1 year/12,000 miles;
10-year structural, 5-year delamination

Wet Weight
(Water and water heater, fuel tank full; no supplies or passengers)
Front Axle 15,580 lbs
Rear and Tag Axle 26,620 lbs
Total 42,200 lbs

Chassis Ratings
GAWR, F/R/Tag 17,000 lbs/23,000lbs/11,000 lbs
GVWR/GCWR 51,000 lbs/66,000 lbs
ROCCC 8,800 lbs
GAWR Gross Axle Weight Rating
GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
GCWR Gross Combination Weight Rating
ROCCC Realistic Occupant and Cargo Carrying Capacity (full water, no passengers)

Tiffin Motorhomes Inc.

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