SuperSprings International Starts Its Own Quarterly Magazine

A magazine focused on suspension products.

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SuperSprings International is known for making some of the best suspension products in the world for the recreational vehicle market. Now the company has started a new endeavor, its own magazine.

The magazine will be a quarterly publication and will focus its articles on installation and technical write-ups, new product highlights, news from the industry, insight into SuperSprings’s business, and answers to common questions.

“Making the journey better is more than just innovating suspension that works. It’s dreaming, pondering, and creating new ways of connecting with our customers, employees, and everyone else to become the best-known suspension brand in the world,” said Adam Weisner, CCO.

Weisner said the magazine is a way for the company to share stories from customers and provide value to those customers in the form of articles.

It will be called Journey Better: The Magazine and will be produced by the company’s in-house marketing team. Click here to learn more.

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