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Waggle Dog Temperature Monitor Review

Mike Wendland of “RV Lifestyle” walks through this temperature monitor – and why it’s a great choice for RVers with furry friends.

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RVers like pets. In fact, 65 percent of all RVers travel with at least one pet. Mike Wendland of RV Lifestyle is one of those people. He and his wife, Jennifer, RV with their dog, Beau, a Norwegian elkhound with a thick coat of fur. That’s why Mike is prime to review the Waggle Dog temperature monitor.

Like Mike, anyone who RVs with dogs knows there are just some circumstances where you have to leave your canine pal behind – like when visiting a national park or going on a pet-restricted hiking trail. It can be nerve wracking to leave your dog in the RV, wondering if the temperature will get too hot. That’s where the Waggle Dog temperature monitor comes in. It’s a wireless system that alerts you via an app on your phone when the temperature in your RV reaches a pre-determined degree. You can sit a warning for a cold-weather and warm-weather degree. Say 20 degrees and 80 degrees.

The monitor comes with a mount that sticks to the surface of your wall, so you don’t have to drill or deal with nails. And, the monitor also comes with a hanging tag that alerts any passersby who might see your dog alone in your RV that your RV is temperature-monitored.  Finally, by signing up with the monitor and app, you’ll join a community with blogs, guides, pet-sitter finders, and more. So, while it’s marketed as a temperature control monitor, the Waggle Dog is actually so much more. Learn more in the above video and online at waggledog.com.

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