Introducing The Airstream Pottery Barn Special Edition Travel Trailer

A collaboration between the two companies merges 160 years of design and engineering experience.

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Pottery Barn and Airstream introduce a 28 foot, special edition travel trailer that combines the iconic streamline look of Airstream trailers with the rustic interior design of the Pottery Barn brand.

According to a press release, the trailer will follow form with standard amenities found in all Airstreams but will be finished with hardware, soft goods, fixtures, and touches inspired by Pottery Barn’s best-selling collections that recast Airstream’s longtime promise to provide all the comforts of home.

“It’s a match that makes sense in many ways,” said Airstream president and CEO Bob Wheeler. “Pottery Barn has this kind of magical ability to shape a space. You see it in their home interiors, where there’s a comfortable, functional beauty to even the smallest spaces. They understand how your home is this canvas where real life happens, and we love how they applied that to the Airstream lifestyle.”

Work, play, life, and learning blend at home and on the road in the modern era, and the trailer is designed to incorporate technology solutions as well as improvements and amenities that take the Pottery Barn Special Edition Travel Trailer one step closer to the next stage of travel. Pottery Barn worked with Airstream’s interior design and engineering teams to incorporate innovation through thoughtful features, both in and out of the trailer.

“In partnership with Airstream, we were able to build on the comfort of home that Pottery Barn is known for while fueling the sense of adventure and the idea that home is wherever our customers are,” said Marta Benson, Pottery Barn President.

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