RV Accessories That Will Help Protect Your RV from Sun Damage

Prevent the sun from damaging your rig by checking out these protective products and accessories.

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Grab your sunscreen and your favorite hat because summer is around the corner. Protecting your skin from sun damage is a given, but what most people don’t realize is how important it is to protect your RV from the sun as well.

Just like having your skin unprotected could lead to the dreaded sunburn, leaving your RV unprotected from the beating sun can cause costly damage. Think of your RV as your body on the road, take care of it and it will take care of you. Below are a few accessories to consider stocking up on to have your RV skin glowing.

Meguiar’s Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax

RV Wax

Image: Meguiar’s

Perhaps the easiest, most obvious, way to protect your RV from sun damage is with a quality wax. Meguiar’s One Step Cleaner features a non-abrasive formula that not only cleans and polishes but protects your RV surfaces all at the same time. Watch in awe as it safely and effectively removes light oxidation and minor scratches while restoring color and brilliance.

Your RV will look ten years younger! That’s always a goal, right? Once cleaning is done, the end result will provide durable long-lasting protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays as well as salt air should your adventure take you near the country’s edges. Apply it by hand or by machine, it’s efficient either way.

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Protect All Rubber Roof Cleaner

RV Roof Protection

Image: Camping World

 Since the roof of your RV is exposed to the sun the most, it’s the most likely location to see the first signs of harm. Thanks to the Protect All Rubber Roof Cleaner, protecting your roof is simple and straightforward. Skip the knee-bending and back-breaking application of other cleaners and use a sponge mop and bucket of water to apply.

Maybe throw in a soft bristle brush for tight areas with stubborn grime buildup. The enhanced formula of this product reduces maintenance and prevents harmful UV rays from penetrating the rubber roof membrane. Essentially, it’s the best proverbial hat you could throw on your RV.

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Lippert Thin RV Window Shade

Lippert Window Shade

Image: Lippert

If cleaning is to sunscreen as your RV exterior is to the skin, then window shades are comparable to sunglasses. With Lippert’s Thin Shades, a semi-custom pleated window shade can be integrated inside your RV’s window frame for a sleek, attractive design that also proves functional… just like those tinted mirror aviators you’ve had your eye on.

The shade keeps the sun’s harmful UV rays out of your living space to prolong the life of your furniture and, bonus points, it helps regulate the interior temperature and provides privacy all at once. An easy extend and retract operation eliminates the need for messy cords that inevitably get tangled; simply pull and push to operate.

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Tire Covers

RV Tire Covers

Image: Camping World

When you come to a pause on your next adventure, think about covering your tires while parked. Shielding your RV tires from those pesky UV rays as well as other environmental conditions can prolong their life saving you tons of time, stress, and money along the way.

Exposed tires over an extended period are subject to sidewall cracking which could lead to a dangerous blow-out on the trail. No one wants that! Tire covers have durability in mind and often feature double-needle stitching, overlapping seams, and reinforced grommets to keep the sun’s rays at bay.

Choose your tire covers here.

Classic Accessories PermaPro Heavy Duty RV Cover

RV Cover

Image: Amazon

If you’re one of those Go-Big-or-Go-Home kind of people, then take tire covers one step further and cover your entire RV. Why not? The thoughtfully designed PermaPro RV covers provide protection all year long, but especially during the heat of summer to help keep your RV in tip-top shape all 12 months.

Best part? The PermaPro covers feature zippered panels with long zipper pulls to allow access to doors and storage compartments leaving the RV 100 percent accessible even while covered. Call it incognito mode, the sun will never know. Each cover comes with a storage bag for easy transportation and storage.

Choose your RV cover here.

EZ ZipBlocker

RV Shelter

Image: Camping World

On the road, we’re constantly trying to bring the outdoors in but sometimes it’s fun to bring the inside out. With the EZ ZipBlocker, setting up shop just outside your RV is easier than ever before and more enjoyable too.

Designed with an open weave fabric, nearly 85 percent of the sun’s light is blocked so you and your family remain cool and comfortable underneath. Call it your outdoor living room because you’ll more than likely never want to leave the space. Setup and storage are simple thanks to sliding panels and conveniently located zippers.

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ShelterLogic ShelterCoat Peak Shelter

RV Shelter Cover

Image: ShelterLogic

Parking for a while? Erect a garage from ShelterLogic and keep your home away from home shielded from the sun above until you’re on the road again.

Constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame, powder-coated to prevent corrosion and rust, the ShelterCoat also features ripstop polyethylene fabric UV treated inside and out to keep your RV protected the entire time it’s underneath. Heat-welded seams are 100 percent waterproof, so not only will your RV be cool in the shade, but it will remain dry too. I love a double-duty moment, don’t you?

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Outsmart the harmful UV rays from above by taking preventative matters into your own hands. Preparation is key and, with summer sneaking up on us, now is the time to grab a few accessories that will protect your RV from sun damage and have it looking its best.

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