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TireMinder RM77 TPMS Review

Mike Wendland goes over the TireMinder RM77 TPMS and its benefits.

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Every RVer worries about having a blowout on the road. The good news is there are some things to check and take care of before you set off that will minimize the risk of having a blowout.

Checking tire pressure and temperature is one of them, and while this task is typically a pain in the backside. With a tire pressure monitoring system like the TireMinder TM77 TPMS like the one that Mike Wendland reviews in the video above, you can sidestep the hard work, and constantly be monitoring your tire pressure as you roll down the road.

The TireMinder TM77 TPMS Is Great for All RVers

The TireMinder TM77 TPMS can handle up to 22 tires at once, for those really big rigs. However, it can also monitor smaller numbers of tires with ease. This flexibility makes it a great option for all.

The TM77 TPMS monitors both your tires’ pressure and temperature and sends a signal wirelessly back to the display that is housed inside your RV.

The monitors themselves screw onto the valve stems of the tires. They check the air pressure and check the temperature of the tire periodically so that you can tell if your tires are at the right pressure and temperature.

The best part of this whole package is that it’s wireless. Yes, you will have to replace batteries inside the individual monitors occasionally, but you’ll be able to go a long time between battery exchanges, and the batteries themselves should be easy to find at an electronics store or online.

This wireless system takes all the guesswork out of the status of your tires, and more importantly, makes keeping your tires within the proper ranges extremely easy. It should reduce the amount of time it takes for you to get your rig ready for the road, and that means you’ll have more time to travel and enjoy your RV adventure.

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