Runhood Rallye 1200 Pro Power Station Review: More of a Good Thing

An Incredibly Versatile Modular Charging Solution for Use at Home and the Campsite

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Earlier this year, we reviewed the Runhood Rallye 600 Pro power station, lauding its versatility and features. In that review, we were impressed with the device’s modular design, which gives it the ability to swap out battery packs to extend its use in the field. Those same batteries can also be used independently of the power station, allowing users to take the power cells with them no matter where they go. This unique combination of features allowed the power station to stand out in an increasingly crowded field and made it one of our favorite charging solutions ever.

Since then, Runhood has continued adding new devices to its line-up, including the Rallye 600 Mini, which offers excellent functionality in a smaller package. The company has also introduced the Rallye 1200 Pro, a larger and more capable model that nicely expands on its predecessor’s capabilities while adding additional charging ports, along with more power output.

Recently, we had the chance to put the Rallye 1200 Pro through its paces and found it to be just as unique and versatile as the 600 Pro. But it also has some distinct advantages over its smaller sibling, making it a fantastic choice for those who can tap into its potential.

Runhood Rallye 1200 power station

Photo Credit: Runhood

What’s in the Box?

Because of the modular nature of its power stations, Runhood sells its devices in packages that offer buyers everything they need to get up and running. The Rallye 1200 Pro package includes the power station itself, a 100W solar panel, and four 324Wh battery packs for a total of 1296Wh of juice. The unit ships with all of the necessary charging cables, too, including cords for plugging into a standard AC wall outlet, the 12V port in a vehicle, and the solar panel.

Also in the box are two adapters that connect directly to the batteries, adding charging ports for use on the go. One adapter has a 120V AC outlet, while the other includes two standard USB-A and two USB-C PD (power delivery) ports. This allows owners to use the batteries to recharge devices and run small appliances completely independent of the Rallye 1200. This means it’s possible to have two batteries in the power station at all times while the other two are in use elsewhere.

This package is similar to the Rallye 600 Pro we tested several months ago. The difference is that the Rallye 1200 offers more power, providing up to 1200W of pure sine wave output with a peak capacity of as much as 2400W. That translates to being able to power more things, like a mini-refrigerator, a coffee maker, or a portable projector.

Runhood Rallye 1200 power station

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

As Much Power as You Need

In addition to the four battery packs included in the Rallye 1200 Pro package, Runhood sells the batteries separately, too. That means, at least in theory, you can have unlimited storage capacity, provided you’re willing to pay for additional power cells and don’t mind lugging them all around. For most people, the included energy modules are probably more than enough, but it is nice to know that you can expand the device’s capabilities further should the need arise.

One of the best features of the Rallye 1200 is that its modular batteries are hot-swappable. That means you can pull out a depleted power cell and replace it with a fully charged battery at any time, even when the power station is in use. And because the battery packs can charge while plugged into the unit or directly connected to the solar panel using an included cable, there are always multiple ways to keep everything powered up and running.

For its size, the power station has an impressive number of charging options. It comes with three onboard 120V AC outlets, a 12V DC vehicle port, and two quick-charging USB-A ports. It also has a built-in wireless charging pad and two 100W USB-C PD ports, which are perfect for charging most modern devices, including laptops. The Rallye 1200 itself is charged by directly plugging it into a wall outlet, a 12V vehicle port, or by using up to 200W of solar panels.

As noted above, the Rallye 1200’s four battery packs offer 1296Wh of capacity. That translates to being able to recharge a smartphone about 100 times or run a mini-fridge for up to nine hours. It is also enough to power a coffee maker for one hour or recharge a laptop several times, depending on the model.

Runhood Rallye 1200 power station

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

More Than the Sum of its Parts

In terms of output and capacity, the Rallye 1200’s specs match up nicely with similarly-sized power stations from other leading brands. But this device is the perfect example of a product that is more than the sum of its parts. Because its capacity is expandable, this unit can grow to meet the needs of its owners as they change over time. And because the power cells can be used independently, it also provides more capabilities and flexibility in the field.

For instance, it is possible to leave the power station at your campsite, where it can charge two battery packs while plugged into a solar panel or an AC outlet. Meanwhile, the other two batteries can be tossed in a duffle bag or backpack and used elsewhere throughout the day, easily keeping phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and other gear up and running while on the go. Depending on the situation, there may even be times when you don’t need to lug the entire package around. Instead, you can just take one or two batteries to address your charging needs for a few days.

Compared to the Rallye 600 Pro that we reviewed back in March, the Rallye 1200 is simply more of an already good thing. The unit offers increased power output and additional charging options, all of which help to make it an all-around better product. The 1200 is slightly larger and heavier—18.6 pounds with batteries versus 16.8 pounds—but the difference is negligible, especially considering the performance gains. But the versatility and expandability are still fantastic, making it a must-have for those who can take advantage of its capabilities.

Runhood Rallye 1200 power station

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

A Vision for Modular Portable Power

Runhood’s vision for building a modular portable power solution isn’t for everyone. Some users will likely prefer a single, self-contained unit that they can just grab and go. While that is possible with the Rallye power stations, its strength lies in the versatility that comes with its swappable battery packs. But carrying extra power cells—as well as adapters to use them separately—may add additional complexity that some travelers won’t want to deal with. Those who do need and appreciate that functionality will be rewarded, however.

That isn’t to say there isn’t room for improvement. For instance, Runhood uses older battery technology that offers a lifespan of around 1,000 charge cycles. That may sound like a lot—and for many users, it will be more than sufficient—but newer LiFePo4 power cells offer four or five times that number. The power station is also a little on the slow side when it comes to charging, but only in comparison to some competitors that offer fast-charging capabilities, something that is easier to achieve with fixed, non-swappable batteries.

Aside from those minor nitpicks, the Runhood Rallye 1200 Pro is an amazing product. Like its predecessor, it offers unmatched versatility and expandability that active outdoor enthusiasts, RVers, and frequent travelers will love. The unit’s ability to act as an uninterruptible power supply makes it a great option from around the home, too, serving as a backup power source for indispensable devices and systems.

The Rallye 1200 Pro package—which comes with the power station, four batteries, a solar panel, two port adapters, and all charging cables—is priced at $1,599. That’s an outstanding price, considering everything that’s included. For those looking to save a little money, Runhood offers the Rallye 1200 Plus package, which features the power station and four battery packs for $1299, which is a solid price, as well.

To find out more, visit the Runhood website.

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