Porsche Made a Rooftop Tent so You Can Go Camping in Your Sports Car

The Tent Comes with a Porsche-Sized Price Tag

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Porsche

Porsche owners looking to use their vehicles for camping now have an officially endorsed option for doing just that. The German automaker has introduced a rooftop tent designed to fit on top of some of its most popular models, converting them into mini-RVs. But as you would expect from a product that carries the “Porsche” logo, the new tent comes with a substantial price tag.

porsche tent

Photo Credit: Porsche

The tent is the latest addition to the Porsche Tequipment catalog, which is the company’s official line of OEM accessories and add-ons. Those include everything from cargo boxes and bike racks to child seats and car covers. Basically, everything you might need to remind yourself—and everyone else on the road—that you’re driving a Porsche.

Considering the car company manufacturers the Macan and Cayenne SUVs, it would be easy to think that the rooftop tent was built with those models in mind. While it does work with both of those vehicles, it can also be attached to the top of a Cayenne luxury sedan or the all-electric Taycan. It will even fit on the iconic Porsche 911, one of the most recognizable sports cars in the world.

porsche tent

Photo Credit: Porsche

The tent’s interior offers a spacious 83″ x51″ of surface area, which is enough for two adults to sleep comfortably. An integrated polyfoam mattress provides a good night’s sleep, while mesh windows allow for ventilation and airflow. Fold-down flaps keep moisture at bay during unexpected showers and block the morning sun on days you choose to sleep a little later.

Porsche says deploying the tent at the campsite is quick and easy. Simply unlock the safety latches and lift the tent’s lid with assistance from a pair of integrated hydraulic arms. Four built-in poles then snap into place, providing support and form to the structure. A telescoping ladder pulls out from the side, allowing campers to get in and out as needed.

porsche tent

Photo Credit: Porsche

While driving, the rooftop tent has a relatively thin profile, although it does alter the sleek aerodynamics that Porsche is so well known for. Its hard exterior shell provides protection from the elements and keeps the tent safe from buffeting winds while rocketing down the highway.

The new Porsche-branded rooftop tent goes on sale soon and will begin shipping to customers in November. It is offered in two color schemes—black/light silver and black/dark silver—and carries a price tag of $4980. Needless to say, there are less expensive options available, but no other model will look as good on top of a 911 Sport Classic.

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