Litheli Electric Folding Camping Wagon Review: Cargo Hauling Just Got Easier

Carry camping gear, firewood, gardening equipment, and other items with ease

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We live in remarkable times. Thanks to efficient battery technology and increasingly smaller electric power trains, we now have a variety of practical and fun devices designed to make our lives better. Those components are most notably found in e-mobility solutions, such as electric bikes and scooters. But now, they also appear in a range of other items, including an ingenious new product from a company called Litheli.

The Litheli Electric Folding Camping Wagon is a portable and collapsable cargo hauler that resembles similar options that many of us probably already use around the home and the campground. With their rugged wheels and built-in handles, these handy products make hauling outdoor gear, firewood, gardening equipment, and other items much easier. But what separates Litheli’s cart from all the others is that it is equipped with a battery-powered electric motor that smoothly propels it along even when carrying a heavy load over rough terrain.

Litheli W1 electric wagon

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

A Battery Powered Folding Cart

At first glance, the Electric Folding Camping Wagon looks a lot like similar products you’ve probably seen in your neighborhood, local park, or favorite campground. It comes with large 8″ wheels designed to roll over grass, gravel, dirt, and pavement, and its flexible cloth sides allow it to collapse down to a surprisingly small size. An easy-to-grip telescoping handle is nicely placed, making it easy to pull along behind you. It even has integrated locking brakes to keep it from accidentally rolling away.

Look a little closer, however, and you’ll notice a few additional components that you won’t find on any other folding wagon. Those include a small electric motor attached to the cart’s underside between the rear wheels and a compartment that holds a swappable battery pack attached near the handle. When the battery is in place, users simply squeeze a button integrated into the handle—along with a safety lock release—to activate the motor, which in turn sends power to the wheels.

The wagon’s 500W motor pushes it along at .6-1.3 meters per second with a max cargo capacity of 200L and 132 lbs. The speed is controlled using a dial on the handle, allowing users to find a comfortable walking pace, even when pulling a heavy load. The electric drive even works on slopes of up to 10º, making it easy to haul your gear and supplies wherever you want to go.

Litheli W1 electric wagon

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Effortless Cargo Hauling

If you’ve ever used a cargo wagon before, you already know how useful they can be. Having a cart to haul your stuff around can save a lot of time and effort in a variety of settings. For instance, at home, they make yard work a breeze and are a fun way to haul the kids around the neighborhood while on a walk. And while camping, they are perfect for gathering firewood, grabbing supplies at the camp store, or carrying food, beverages, and other items to a neighboring campsite.

A folding wagon that easily fits into an RV or the trunk of a car brings added convenience, allowing you to take your handy cart anywhere you want to go. This makes these units an excellent option for family outings, trips to the grocery or home furnishing store, pre-game tailgating, or anywhere else you may need it.

Litheli’s cart collapses down to a stowable size in seconds and quickly reassembles once you reach your destination. However, the wagon’s electric drive and lithium battery add additional weight compared to non-motorized models. Our test unit tipped the scales at about 33.5 lbs., roughly twice as much as a conventional unit. The good news is that you’ll only feel that extra weight when loading and unloading it from your vehicle. With the electric drive engaged, it is a non-factor when hauling cargo.

Litheli W1 electric wagon

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Versatile and Modular

Litheli’s business model revolves around making portable power stations with removable battery packs that power a robust ecosystem of devices. For instance, the company’s B600 power station has small pop-out batteries that can be used with power tools and handheld vacuums, while the B1000’s batteries run larger devices like electric lawnmowers, snow blowers, chainsaws, and other equipment. Those who buy into this ecosystem are rewarded with a versatile and simple approach that includes interchangeable and multifunctional power supplies.

That same concept is clearly on display with the electric wagon. The cart utilizes Litheli’s U20 20V battery pack to power its electric drive. Those batteries are easily swappable, so you never run out of juice, and they can even recharge smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices independently from the wagon. The B1000 power station even has proprietary charging slots to ensure the battery packs are always ready for use. The whole concept is very clever and convenient, provided you’re willing to buy into Litheli’s vision of unified power across multiple gadgets and tools.

In addition to all of its impressive high-tech features, the e-wagon is constructed from very durable components and materials. The fabrics that line the storage container are waterproof, tear-resistant, and made for use outdoors. It can also be easily removed and washed, as well, making it surprisingly easy to keep clean.

Litheli Electric Folding Camping Wagon

Photo Credit: Litheli

The frame is made of lightweight metal, and the wheels use grippy rubber designed for use on a variety of surfaces. A rear tailgate opens to make loading heavy items more manageable, and the cart comes with a safety key to prevent unauthorized use—a nice touch for homes with small children.

Priced at $279.99, the Litheli Electric Folding Camping Wagon certainly costs more than non-motorized carts. But that motor and battery pack set this apart from the competition, putting it in a class all its own in terms of utility and convenience. Simply put, this device makes it much easier to lug around heavy cargo, whether in the yard at home or at the campsite. And because it folds down to a relatively small size, it is easy to tote around, making this a tool you’ll find a multitude of ways to use. Trust us when we tell you that you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it in the past.

Find out more about the Electric Folding Camping Wagon on the Litheli website.

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