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RV Battery Capacity
Servicing & Care

Charging Ahead

Your battery bank is the beating heart of your RV’s electrical system. It powers things when you’re not plugged into shorepower, and it stores up energy when you are plugged…
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Trending RVs

Interstate Batteries Announces Longer-Lasting RV Battery

Interstate Batteries® this week introduced its new Enhanced Flooded Deep-Cycle RV Battery. The new battery, referred to as an EFB, will have two times more cycle-life than traditional flooded lead-acid…
Safety & Maintenance

RV Battery Basics

RV Batteries are the silent servants of unplugged camping, providing us with light, entertainment and other important functions. Yet many pay no attention to them until there’s a problem —…
DIY & How To’s

How to Use a Multimeter

A multimeter, also known as a multi-tester, can be one of the most useful tools to carry in your motorhome. It allows you to measure a variety of electrical functions…