A Technology Company has Made a Colorful Solar Awning for RVs

Add a Splash of Color and Power to Your Motorhome or Travel Trailer with This innovative New Product

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Eco-dynamic

Recently Lippert introduced the industry’s first RV awning that doubles as a solar panel, cleverly utilizing the extra space to generate clean power at the campsite. Despite being first on the market with this innovative product, it hasn’t taken long for another company to follow suit. Earlier this week, a tech firm called Eco-dynamic unveiled a solar awning of its own, although this model has found a few ways to separate itself from the competition.

Dubbed the “Artpiece for RV 1000W,” the new awning is scheduled to make its official debut at the All in CARAVANING 2023 expo in Beijing on June 17. Unwieldy name aside, Eco-dynamic says its new product is “the world’s first colored, motorized, and rollable solar awning.” That’s a lot of qualifiers to include in a press release, but it does convey what the awning brings to the table. Most notably, it adds a splash of color that has been lacking from similar offerings in the past.

rv solar awning

Photo Credit: Eco-dynamic

According to Eco-dynamic, the Artpiece for RV 1000W eschews traditional fabrics in favor of an innovative new material that integrates flexible and rollable solar modules instead. This not only allows it to generate up to 1000 watts of power but makes for a sturdier awning as well. The company says this approach improves durability, eliminating the need for fabric replacements that are common in other RV products.

The innovative awning also uses a proprietary process to add vibrant colors and patterns to the solar cells. Eco-dynamic says that the coloring process is resistant to fading and gives the art piece a unique appearance that complements the style of the RV, adding color and character.

rv solar awning

Photo Credit: Eco-dynamic

“Solar product should not just be a practical equipment, it can also be a shining piece of art,” says Eco-Dynamic VP of Business Development Michael Soon in a press release. “With our expertise in solar industry for over 20 years, we’re dedicated to integrating aesthetic creativity into design of sustainable solar solutions for outdoors and households, enhancing the experience of customers to the next level. Artpiece is our first product line and now also the one and only solar solution with colorful patterns worldwide.”

Other quality-of-life features include integrated LED lighting and a remote-controlled electric motor that extends and retracts the awning in seconds. This functionality extends the usefulness of the Artpiece to the evening, too, making it a pleasant place to take shelter day or night.

rv solar awning

Photo Credit: Eco-dynamic

The Artpiece for RV 1000W awning will sell for $3,999 when it officially goes on sale. Those interested in preordering one receive a 25% discount for a limited time. For more information, visit the Eco-dynamic website.

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