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Quick Tips

MotorHome Quick Tip: Mouseproofing

We had a mouse problem in our motorhome and discovered that one of their favorite points of entry was by climbing up the sewer hose into the water bay. I…
Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

RV Tech Savvy: Wonky Windshield Wipers

  I have a 2015 Thor Challenger 37 GT with 22,000 miles on the odometer. On a trip to the Southwest, our windshield wipers went crazy. First, they were out…
Quick Tips

Motorhome Quick Tip: Paper Towel Bar

  If necessity is the mother of invention, I’m sure the inventor owns a motorhome. Due to limited wall- and counterspace, there isn’t a good place to mount a paper-towel…

DIY Day-Night Shade Repair

Adjusting the cord retainers, and even complete restringing can keep the perfectly good fabric in use for a long time in your motorhome. During the last 20 years, day-night shades…

DIY Cargo Bay Maintenance

  With the right products, tools and a little elbow grease, you can keep motorhome cargo compartments easily accessible for years to come In 1980, Pete Townshend released the hit…

Cool Runnings

A DIY diesel radiator flush is an easy-to-do preventive maintenance project. Keeping the engine on a diesel pusher cool while on the road is no easy task. It requires a…
Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

RV Tech Savvy: Daytime Running Lights … Don’t

  I have a problem with my 2003 Fleetwood Southwind on a Workhorse chassis. The daytime running lights no longer come on, and the dash indicator icon is out as…

Motorhome Battery Upgrade

Lifeline offers AGM models for house- and starting-power needs Although it is unpopular, battery maintenance is a necessary part of motorhome ownership and something that is required to keep a…
Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

Rv Tech Savvy: Tire Compounds — Revisited

  This is in regard to my “Tire Compounds” letter in the June issue. Thank you so much for the information [that different tire types result in different ride characteristics].…
Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

Rv Tech Savvy: More Electric Vehicle Questions

Electric-vehicle Dinghy Towing I am considering towing a dinghy behind my Tiffin Breeze, after years of loading either a gas-powered scooter or an electric bicycle on a rack off the…