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Motorhome Quick Tip: Paper Towel Bar

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine


If necessity is the mother of invention, I’m sure the inventor owns a motorhome. Due to limited wall- and counterspace, there isn’t a good place to mount a paper-towel dispenser in my Winnebago 2017 View. After looking at the storage space behind the TV (above the sinks) and exploring the hollow area between the storage space shelf and the underside of the upper cabinet, I determined there was enough room to cut a rectangular hole large enough to drop paper towels through. There are some A/V wires in the hollow space but there was enough slack to allow them to be moved out of the way. I had to build some walls out of 1x2s to line the inside of the hole. The roll holder was constructed out of MDF board.

John Peterson | Aurora, Colorado


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