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Lippert’s Easy-to-Install Tire Linc Monitors Trailer Tires

Lippert Components Inc.’s (LCI) Tire Linc Tire Pressure and Temperature Management System is an easy-to-install kit that constantly monitors trailer tires. The Tire Linc replacement valve-stem caps transmit the information…
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Fiberglass Fun House: Happier Camper Traveler

With a built-in bathroom and kitchenette, the new HCT is a step up from Happier Camper’s smaller HC1 but is still retro-stylish and easy to tow Southern California’s Happier Camper…

Truma to Open Service Center

Truma, the popular manufacturer of heating and water systems in RVs, will open its first service center in Lakeland, Florida, on October 15, 2017. Over the last 65 years, Truma…
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Venture RV SportTrek Touring Edition

  Venture RV describes its front-living STT333VFL, one of seven floorplans in the Touring Edition travel trailer lineup, as “the perfect couple’s RV.” With an exterior length of 36 feet…
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A Touch of Gold: KZ-RV Durango Gold

K-Z RV’s Durango Gold targets full-timers wanting to spread out, store lots of supplies and benefit from a slideout-positioned entry door In modern society, it is inevitable that things are…
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Columbia’s Foundation: “The Athens of Missouri”

  Covering a lot of ground in Missouri’s well-rounded college town where the university prevails over a city rich in history Columbia, sometimes called “the Athens of Missouri,” has almost…
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Simply Gorge-ous: Columbia River Gorge

  Few places in the world are as spectacular, or as perfect for  an RV trip, as the Pacific Northwest’s Columbia River Gorge Fourteen million years ago, glacial floods carved…
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Flaps Down: Luverne Textured Rubber Tow Guard

  Rocks, sand and mud kicked up by the rear tires can do a number on whatever’s being towed behind your truck. While factory mud flaps offer limited protection for…
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Put a Lid on It: MaxxAir UniMaxx Universal Vent Lid

Damage from overhanging tree limbs and exposure to the elements can cause leaks in aging RV vent lids that result in costly repairs if they are not replaced. The new…