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Fiberglass Fun House: Happier Camper Traveler

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

With a built-in bathroom and kitchenette, the new HCT is a step up from Happier Camper’s smaller HC1 but is still retro-stylish and easy to tow

Southern California’s Happier Camper made a splash in 2015 with its cute-as-a-button HC1 trailer. With a 10-foot shell and overall length of 13 feet, the molded-fiberglass HC1 tips the scales at just 1,100 pounds (dry) and turns heads with its modern-retro style.

This year Happier Camper rolled out a roomier model that is equally eye-catching and still towable by many commonly owned cars, minivans and SUVs. With a 14-foot shell and 17-foot length, the Happier Camper Traveler — HCT for short — weighs 1,800 pounds (dry) and has a 3,500-pound gross vehicle weight rating.

Two interior views of the HCT trailer showing the bathroom, kitchen and bed setup

Above left: The Happier Camper Traveler is equipped with a water heater and an integrated kitchenette and bathroom. Options include all-season insulation, a furnace, air conditioner and solar packages. Above right: The lightweight modular cubes can be reconfigured for seating, eating or, as shown here, sleeping.

Like its smaller sibling, the HCT features a modular-furniture system that can be rearranged to suit the owner’s needs. Beyond the convertible seating, dining and sleeping space, and a portable-sink module, all of which can be taken outdoors, the HCT has a built-in bathroom and kitchenette. A water heater comes standard, and internal fresh- and gray-water tanks hold 5 gallons each. Several power choices and solar packages are offered.

The fun and functional HCT is built from a durable double-hulled fiberglass shell. Accent colors come in a rainbow of options starting with red, blue, green, turquoise, silver, sand and sage.

White minivan towing HCT trailer

The HCT is larger than the original HC1, but with an 1,800-pound unloaded vehicle weight (UVW) and a 3,500-pound gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), it can still be towed by many properly equipped minivans and SUVs.

Line drawing of HCT trailer floorplanManufacturer’s Specifications

2020 Happier Camper Traveler
Exterior Length: 17′
Exterior Width: 6′ 5″
Exterior Height: 8′
Interior Height: 6′ 7″
Freshwater Capacity: 5 gal.
Gray-Water Capacity:
5 gal.
 1,800 lbs.
Hitch Weight: 220 lbs.
GVWR: 3,500 lbs.
MSRP, Base: $44,950

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