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Flaps Down: Luverne Textured Rubber Tow Guard

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine


Rocks, sand and mud kicked up by the rear tires can do a number on whatever’s being towed behind your truck. While factory mud flaps offer limited protection for tow-behinds, Luverne’s Textured Rubber Tow Guard for 2-inch receiver hitches puts up a 72-inch-wide wall between the trailer and flying road debris, protecting it from nicks, scratches and other unsightly damage. Made of 3⁄8-inch-thick recycled rubber and powder-coated steel, the Tow Guard attaches directly to the ball-mount shank via U-bolts and maintains full use of the hitch and any electrical components. The Tow Guard weighs 35 pounds and comes fully assembled. Trucks with dual exhaust may require cutting two 4-inch holes in the rubber flaps.

MSRP: From $279
605-582-7200 | www.luvernetruck.com/part/255100


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