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Tyler and Todd daily routine
Life on the Road

The RV Life: Full-Time Living Daily Routine

Tyler and Todd are two full-timers who have made the most of their RV by doing a full renovation and crafting a space that’s comfortable and cozy for themselves. Their…
Winnebago Ekko review
Trailer Reviews

The Fit RV Reviews the Winnebago EKKO

Stef and James of The Fit RV know a thing or two about RVs. After all, they’ve been RVing for several years and blog about and document their experiences, tips,…
Dometic Camping Equipment
Camping Gear Reviews

Dometic Camping Equipment Review

Dometic is a leading brand in mobile gear and living space. You may have heard of Dometic’s powered coolers or refrigerators that are the chosen brand in van conversions and…
Stef’s Standing Yoga Routine
Life on the Road

Stef’s Standing Yoga Routine

The Eastern practice of yoga has made its way West in a big way. Today the ancient Indian exercise is popular across America. People from all walks of life partake in the mental and physical…
fitrv resistance band workout
Life on the Road

Quick Resistance Bands Full Body Workout for RV’ers

Keeping a healthy exercise routine while living or traveling on the road can be a challenge. Long driving days can put a cramp in an active lifestyle. But FitRV proves you only need…