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Motorhome Reviews

Class B Review: Pleasure-Way Plateau TS

Pleasure-Way Industries was started in 1986 by RV dealer Merv Rumpel as an answer to his frustration with the available Class B’s on the market. Rumpel found that his dealership…
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Motorhomes with Amazing Outdoor Gear Storage

Outdoor Gear Storage We’ve all got stuff. Lots of stuff. Some of us may even have too much. And, especially while spending time in a motorhome, that stuff can add…
Motorhome Reviews

Class A Review: Newell Luxury Motorhome

OK I’m going to cut to the chase. The article you are about to read may seem like it applies only to those who are wealthy. Let’s face it, getting…
Motorhome Reviews

Class A Review: Tiffin Allegro Bus 45 OPP

RV enthusiasts in the market for a high-dollar motorhome have certain expectations that must be met. A high-end coach should have exceptional design and quality, graceful lines, be a pleasure…
Motorhome Reviews

Class C Review: Winnebago View 24J

As the popularity in Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based Class C motorhomes continues to soar, companies like Winnebago look for ways to stand out from the crowd. The View, a nameplate that surfaced…
Safety & Maintenance

Motorhome Water Heater Maintenance

“Residential” is a word we see a lot when reading about motorhomes. That’s because it’s really the only descriptor that allows those of us living in stick-and-mortar homes to relate…
Motorhome Reviews

Class C Review: Tiffin Wayfarer

Inside Sleeps The twin beds, surrounded by copious cabinets, can be pushed together when desired. The master bedroom could easily be labeled as “Cabinet land with beds.” At the entrance…
Motorhome Reviews

Class A Review: Winnebago Buena Vista

One of the most alluring aspects of RVing is traveling and seeing new places. Larger Class A motorhomes are great, but can be difficult to maneuver around many destinations, and…
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What are the Different Classes of Motorhomes?

Classes of motorhomes sometimes create confusion, especially to those new to RVing. Even those with RV experience can, at times, get the classes mixed up when changing from one type of…
Motorhome Reviews

Class A: Winnebago Intent 30R

Buying a Class A motorhome is a big decision, and it’s not unusual for dreams and desires to outpace one’s pocketbook. Luxury and convenience continue to drive prices up –…