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A Camper Van parked in the country
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Is This the Year of the Camper Van?

You’ve probably seen at least one image from the #VanLife movement on Instagram. It’s almost always with the backdrop of a beach or breathtaking mountains, and it’s these images and…
Winnebago Ekko review
Trailer Reviews

The Fit RV Reviews the Winnebago EKKO

Stef and James of The Fit RV know a thing or two about RVs. After all, they’ve been RVing for several years and blog about and document their experiences, tips,…
Motorhome Reviews

Class C Review: Thor Freedom Elite

It was one of those days – no, more like one of those weeks – where chaos ruled and one thing after another seemed to go askew. That overly dramatized…
Life on the Road

How to Carry A Motorcycle on A Motorhome

Long before we decided to ditch the stick house and move on to the mobile lifestyle, both my wife and I were avid motorcyclists. I began riding motorcycles at the…
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The Best Class Bs For Adventure

Whether you’re downsizing or simply looking for a small motorhome that can double as a daily driver, a Class B should warrant your attention. Gone are the days of a…
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Ten Motorhomes Perfect for Party People

The lure of all things nature may be what originally draws us to RVing, but to many motorhome owners, another – and equally important – aspect of the lifestyle is camaraderie…
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Motorhomes for under $250K

When shopping for a new Class A motorhome, it’s surprising how quickly the costs can add up. Entertainment upgrades, ride and handling enhancements, and even things like appliances and HVAC…